Lenovo thinkpad t410 intel core i7 620m specs cnet

lenovo thinkpad t410 intel core i7 620m specs cnet

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In addition to this, you can easily this laptop in your backpack due to its lightweight and compact design You get a sturdy, full-length, and ergonomically designed Standard Keyboard in the Lenovo Thinkpad T so that you can working with the utmost convenience for long working hours. Also, the laptop is powered with a high-quality Li-Ion.

Therefore, there zero chances of battery overheating or swelling. And, you can also work for a longer time duration for up to 4 Hrs. Hence, you can enjoy an exceptional audio-visual experience. Furthermore, you get a warranty of 1 Year from the manufacturer from the date of purchase. Price in India Lenovo Thinkpad T Specifications memory 5.

Disclaimer: Some of the information on the page is subject to change. Be the First one to review. Similar Products Previous. Lenovo Thinkpad T Explore. Lenovo Thinkpad X Explore. Display size of Lenovo Thinkpad T is. Lenovo SlideShows Start Slideshow. Therefore, the CPU can be as fast as high clocked dual-core CPUs using single threaded applications but still offer the advantage of 4 cores.

The M clocks betwenn 2. Therefore, the TDP of 35 Watt of the whole package is still quite good. The laptop is evaluated below average, this is not really a recommendation for purchase. After the T, we also look at the up-to-date ThinkPad T alternative more closely. Thanks to the incorporated Nvidia Optimus technology, the 14 incher promises longer runtimes including low emissions and yet good performance.

Even though there are vast improvements with this model, it still remains a far cry from state of the art technology. It is great to see what could be the end of the old battery design yet areas such as screen size, general weight and girth have huge room for improvement.

While other vendors chase the latest laptop tastes and trends--Imprint finishes! Chrome edges! Brushed aluminum! A rainbow of color options! It costs a bit more than competing models, but the Lenovo ThinkPad T offers a modern Core i5-based configuration inside a typical, rock-solid ThinkPad design. Linked Articles Review.

Lenovo thinkpad t410 intel core i7 620m specs cnet xses lenovo thinkpad t410 intel core i7 620m specs cnet


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You probably have a pretty good idea of what a ThinkPad Classic laptop looks like, but features are still important. The T is available with CPUs ranging from an already fast iM up to the iM, with or without discrete graphics. Every standard feature is available, along with several extras catering to business and enterprise users.

Given the target market, the pricing and build quality are higher than most consumer laptops, but the current sale puts the T in reach. Looking for a laptop to last you through the next four or five years? Look no further. In terms of features, the T includes everything you'd expect, plus a few extras not found on competing laptops.

It has four USB 2. An optional docking station connects via the bottom of the laptop, providing for additional USB and video outputs. As mentioned, the CPU options are quite limited compared to many companies: you can get an iM on the "low end" which is hardly a slow CPU , a midrange iM like our test unit, or you can go all out with the iM. Also note that driver updates will have to come from Lenovo, which is keeping with the corporate IT target audience.

One feature that definitely stands out for the mobile crowd these days is the LCD. First, the LCD is a matte panel—hallelujah! Like many business laptops, the ThinkPad Classic bucks the glossy trend in every way, so you won't need to worry about fingerprints or smudges on the chassis or LCD. Personally, this is the perfect resolution for 14" laptops, and it's great to get something other than a standard x LCD.

Unfortunately, while we love the matte panel and the higher resolution, contrast ratio is poor, as are the viewing angles. The LCD is still perfectly useable, but outside of providing a good working resolution, it doesn't impress. The input options on the T are worth some discussion as well. The T comes with the standard TrackPoint device with a multi-touch touchpad, and our test unit includes an optional fingerprint scanner. Some people love the TrackPoint device and others dislike it; personally, there's no beating a regular mouse for accuracy, but I was able to use both the TrackPoint and touchpad without any complaints.

The touchpad has a nice lightly textured surface that enables you to feel the edge of the tracking surface without having to look at it, and the multi-touch features worked flawlessly. My only issue with the touchpad is the placement of the two buttons; they're located on the curved edge of the chassis, a little too close to the edge for my taste. My natural instinct is to reach a bit higher up, which puts my finger partly on the touchpad and causes problems.

This is a minor complaint, however, and one I'm sure I would adapt to if the T was the only laptop I used for an extended period of time. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the T is the keyboard. It's great that this brightness is also available in battery mode.

Although the display is brighter than the T FG's, the image's contrast almost seems too low and a bit too dark for working fatigueless for a longer time in direct sunlight. In regards to viewing angles , the T doesn't differ from the reviewed predecessor and thus doesn't really stand out from the majority of laptop competition. Subjectively, the work area can be called wide on the horizontal plane. In return, slightest deviations from the ideal, perpendicular viewing angle lead to image changes, perceived as dimming, respectively bleaching and consequently to color misrepresentations.

Both reviewed T models are identical in terms of processor and chipset. They can overclock single cores depending on the capacity due to Turbo Boost. The dual core processor of the Arrandale family is able to process up to four cores at the same time via Hyperthreading, which supports every physical core with a virtual one. Additionally, both models supply a four gigabyte RAM. That is now implemented as a single four gigabyte module, model PC MHz in our test candidate. In comparison to 32bit operating systems, the random access memory can also be used efficiently due to Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

Moreover, there is nothing standing in the way of an upgrade. This can be done easily via a maintenance cover on the device's bottom. The memory controller installed in the processor can address up to a maximum of 8 gigabyte of RAM. It is a graphics card optimized for business applications. This means that priority has been set on the driver's stability and compatibility and not as much on performance increase.

Unlike the predecessor, the dedicated Quadro NVS M graphics card can be completely disabled for saving energy. Nvidia's Optimus automatically decides which graphics card would be the better choice in every case. However, manual intervention is also possible. The pre-installed driver, version 8. The version Unsurprisingly, both devices need about the same time for calculating a predefined number of fractional digits via SuperPi , with slight deviations.

For assessing the application performance , we use the PCMarkVantage tool. Our test device achieved a total score of points. If we look at the single scores it becomes evident that this results from considerably higher achievements in the categories communication and productivity of the Optimus model.

On the other hand, the hard disk and memory rates are even lower than those of the predecessor. Let's now look at the mass memory configuration. It has a gross capacity of GB, of which 9. The hard disk rotates with a revolution speed of rpm. The rates are nevertheless by and large inconspicuous. The optical drive has also been replaced. Thus, we're not expecting big leaps in terms of graphics performance.

Additionally to that, the drivers have been specialized for business applications. That means they have been designed for maximum compatibility and stability rather than performance. The test device behaves like its predecessor in the executed 3DMark tests and Cinebench R10 Shading, except for slight fluctuations. In view of this and because it is a business device we didn't perform extensive gaming tests.

We would refer to our gaming list if you are curious about the graphics card's gaming capacities. If we take a brief look at the results of Spec ViewPerf version 11 on the built-in display, it becomes evident that the device also hasn't been conceived for use of complex CAD applications, despite a dedicated graphics card. Especially the hard disk's occasional quiet clicking is audible under low load.

The fan noise usually stays around The laptop hardly gets louder than Finally, we provoke a maximum noise of a very audible The system noise is basically on par with its predecessor. The permanently present noise level is always well endurable. Alike its predecessor, the Optimus alternative can get quite warm under load.

The top never exceeds body temperature, though. In return, the bottom gets warmer. Occasionally, the TMonitor tool records clock rate cave-ins. A continuous performance throttling doesn't take place. The laptop stays pleasantly cool all over under low component load. Thus, the device is well equipped for a planned office use. Both the bottom's and the top's rates are higher than the model without Optimus. A lithium ion battery with a capacity of 57 watt hours is included for the test device, just like for its predecessor.

However, a considerably longer battery life is possible especially under low load with assistance from the Optimus technology. The tested T is able to last for a bit over six hours at most in minimum, unfeasible for practical use, brightness. This rate was recorded by BatteryEater's Reader's test in the selected energy savings mode and disabled wireless modules.

Movie entertainment powered by battery came to an end after a bit more than four hours. BatteryEater's Classic test records the minimum battery life using maximum brightness and enabled consumers. Only just one and one quarter hours 71 minutes of mains independent use are possible when the Quadro NVS M is enabled. The battery life only increases marginally by only 1 minute to 72 minutes if you disable the dedicated graphics card and are content with the GMA-HD.

This also applies to the model without Optimus, in comparison. Particularly in the low load range, there is a significant improvement in power consumption with Optimus technology use in comparison to the predecessor. The advantage of the Optimus technology is that the graphics card switches automatically and without evident latencies for the user even while applications are running. Moreover, the device scores with low rates below 0.

The T has been designed for the use in a low load range with typical tasks like office or internet applications. The use of Optimus technology helps achieving longer battery runtimes. Otherwise, not much has changed in terms of performance features in comparison to its predecessor. Lenovo uses the upgrade and installs a somewhat brighter display. The narrow color spectrum and low contrast stay the same.

A matt display and well-conceived communication features — including the broadband modem in this model — are things you won't want to miss out on when you're on the go. Additionally, you are faster at home in your office with the docking station.

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