Scrubs my musical english

scrubs my musical english

45 votes, 48 comments. i just got my copy of season 6 on dvd and i was so happy when i saw that "my musical" was on it. what are reddit's thoughts on. "My Musical" is a musical episode of the American comedy-drama television series Scrubs. It is the rd episode of the show, and was originally aired as. Scrubs: "My Musical" Review. The doctors at Sacred Heart sing and dance but was it any good? G SHOCK GLIDE WHITE It comes with all articles. Folding Workbench from the URL Redirection. We strongly believe in creating a cyber-safe environment for.

While the songs can be lyrically entertaining, it is the actors which need to belt out the melodies, and the crew on Scrubs proved that they were up to the task. Not everybody on the cast is trained in musical theater, but you wouldn't be able to tell - even those with poor singing voices i. Cox and Elliot were able to deliver their lines well enough that we never once questioned why they were singing within episode. And part of the reason that we didn't question the need for a musical episode other than us just enjoying the medium is that some of the actors were quite good at singing.

A little song, a little dance We know how great the music and the performances were, but it was the manner in which the music was used that we enjoyed best. While other television shows rest on dream sequences or plain gimmick episodes to give reason for their musicals, "My Musical" was able to come up with an original and internally logical reason for Mrs. Miller's musical visions: a brain aneurysm. By having the episode told from the patient's perspective, as an on-looker to the drama and comedic happenings of the hospital, we were able to give reason to the song and dance sequences happening so frequently, and give comedy to the scenes in which Mrs.

Miller walks in and out of the picture, forcing the music to start and then fade away. By not having the characters recognize that they were singing other than Doug mysteriously carting a dead body through the parking lot in the first musical sequence , it made it seem like it was truly a medical problem for the patient.

And when Mrs. Miller was operated on and healed at the end it wasn't just her character that was missing the musical aspects around Sacred Heart. When the show is over and done with, this episode will still be remembered for the fun deviation from the norm which they were able to pull off so perfectly.

In This Article. Scrubs focuses on the strange experiences of J. Release Date. More Reviews by Dan Iverson. Elden Ring Map. Rogue Jam is all about pitting indie developers and their games against one another for a chance to win huge cash prizes and a publishing deal with Rogue Games. In today's episode, our judges are on the hunt for a game with Huge Potential. Join them as they tear through games across all genres from rogue likes that pit the player against enemy forces in the wilds of Canada, to RPGs where the star is a hockey professional tasked with saving the world.

Sponsored by Amazon Web Services. IGN Recommends. Adam Bankhurst Cox : See now newbie that's the thing you do that drives me up a tree. So I'm stuck with all your day dreaming, your wish to be my son. It makes me sucidial! And I'm not the only one. No I'm not the only one. Sign In. Comedy Drama. A patient hears singing from everyone, turning Sacred Heart into a musical extravaganza. Meanwhile, Elliot determines whether or not J. Read all A patient hears singing from everyone, turning Sacred Heart into a musical extravaganza.

Director Will Mackenzie. Top credits Director Will Mackenzie. See more at IMDbPro. Add photo. Top cast Edit. Zach Braff Dr. John 'J. Sarah Chalke Dr. Elliot Reid as Dr. Elliot Reid. Donald Faison Dr. Christopher Turk as Dr. Christopher Turk. Neil Flynn Janitor as Janitor.

Ken Jenkins Dr. Bob Kelso as Dr. Bob Kelso. John C. McGinley Dr. Perry Cox as Dr. Perry Cox. Stephanie D'Abruzzo Patti as Patti. Johnny Kastl Doug as Doug. Philip McNiven Roy as Roy. George Miserlis Crispin as Crispin. Paul F. Perry Randall as Randall. Kym Hoy Patient 1 as Patient 1.

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Quite the contrary, Turk and J. Carla tells Turk she wants to return to work. Turk responds by saying, "I always thought family was the most important thing to Puerto Ricans. Turk tries to explain himself, and finally, agrees to support her decision.

Elliot catches up with J. He declines, and tells her they'll be " Friends Forever. Miller interrupts them, afraid about her upcoming surgery, and asks, " What's Going to Happen? Cox reassure her that she will be fine; she finally gets calm and the staff stays by her side when she's taken to surgery; the staff repeats she will be fine, which J. When she awakes, she asks Dr. Cox if the surgery works, but Cox replies "you're gonna have to tell us", and they take a step back; Ms.

Miller realized that the surgery was a success, she no longer hears singing, and thanks Dr. Cox and the others. Cox's dismay. Miller realizes she misses the music in her head. It had long been a dream in the Scrubs writer's room to do a musical episode. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is a self-confessed musical theatre "nerd," as are many of the writers. I knew Sarah [Chalke] could dance, because she danced when she was young. I knew Zach [Braff] loved musical theater. Neil Flynn and John C.

McGinley were the last two guys to admit that they'd done a lot of musicals and stuff, but being actors, they had. Johnny C. Scrubs had previously dabbled in the musical genre, including a West Side Story parody in the episode " My Way or the Highway ," and a Broadway-style finale in " My Philosophy. Long-time Scrubs writer Debra Fordham took the challenge, and contacted the show's medical consultant, Jonathan Doris, who provided her with several case studies, [5] one of which "Musical hallucinations associated with seizures originating from an intracranial aneurysm", published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings [6] became the basis for Ms.

Miller's condition. The music, however, was not written by Fordham, but rather by several composers, including Paul Perry a member of The Worthless Peons , Scrubs composer Jan Stevens, and Tony Award-winner Doug Besterman, each of whom helped write and arrange several songs. Marx and Lopez's involvement came at the suggestion of Braff, who overheard Fordham asking producer Randall Winston if it would be possible to get actual Broadway composers to work on the episode.

D'Abruzzo was cast independently of her starring role in Avenue Q. Fordham wrote the part of Ms. The filming of the episode was, as expected, a long process. Prior to the episode, the cast underwent a full week of rehearsals, something never before done for a Scrubs episode. The song's lyrics underwent many changes, in order to find the right level of vulgarity. It features most of the secondary characters, including Laverne, Todd, Ted and Doug. The song is a Gilbert and Sullivan -style patter song , in order to complement Dr.

Cox's normal rapid-fire rants. But theirs isn't funny. Janitor's section in this song "It all started with a penny in the door" refers to an incident in Scrubs' pilot , " My First Day ," when he became convinced J. It also serves the same dramatic purpose as "One Day More": it is a showstopper finale to Act One that reprises all previous songs, summarizes Act One's events, and teases the events to come in Act Two.

When Carla is seen from the back, she is portrayed by a double. She met with Perry for help with the lyrics, and he gave her the hook , "It's guy love, between two guys. She emailed D'Abruzzo, who she knew to be a big fan of the show, "and, no exaggeration, five minutes later, she sent me a list of 30 [moments]", including Turk performing an appendectomy on J. The song also appeared in " My Road to Nowhere ", as Turk's cell phone ring tone for Carla, and as an arranged incidental version in " My Words of Wisdom ", and was played as background music while Turk and J.

The song was also used in the season 9 premiere " Our First Day of School. Every question Carla asks during the first verse was an issue in a previous episode - she grew up in Chicago , [16] she was in medicine eight years before meeting Turk, [17] their wedding song was The Beatles ' " Eight Days a Week ", [18] and Turk struggled with remembering her middle name. However, this was not the original plan. According to Fordham, "I was really shocked when I got the demo back, because I had never envisioned a '50s number.

I did mention 'We Go Together,' just as an example of I wanted a cheesy, fun, happy ending kind of a thing. Miller's solo in "What's Going to Happen" the easiest part of the episode for her to write. A digital soundtrack to the episode was released on various music download websites such as the iTunes Store , featuring 11 tracks of songs from the Scrubs episode.

The episode received very positive reviews by critics and audiences alike. Many described initial misgivings that the musical concept would make the episode seem gimmicky, [20] but these fears were, for the most part, put to rest by the fact that the episode was "logically insane"; [20] the singing came about organically through the brain aneurysm , and, despite the singing, the episode fit into the Scrubs continuity. Many noted that the songs fit the characters like Dr.

Cox's "Rant Song" , and that story arcs actually advanced in the episode Carla returning to the hospital, and J. On the other hand, others thought the music felt forced. In general, the final assessments were positive. The episode was called "the show's best episode thus far this season", [23] "worth all the hype", [20] and "a heck of a lot of fun".

The episode also received praise from those who worked on it. D'Abruzzo described being on Scrubs as a "really great experience", and called the crew "one of the friendliest crews I've ever worked with". At the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards , the episode "My Musical" was nominated for five awards in four categories.

Nusbaum, and John W. Cook II with Entourage. These were Scrubs ' only nominations that year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the term, see Bromance. Retrieved July 4, Scrubs Blog: My Musical - Part 1. Quick Stop Entertainment. Archived from the original mov on October 12, Retrieved TimeOut Chicago. Archived from the original on Carla wants to leave work to look after Izzy , to Turk 's happiness, but she then has some second thoughts while Elliot is moving into her new house, but realizes that J.

When she wakes up she realizes that everyone, including herself, is singing. They take her to the hospital where everyone is still singing, when in reality people are just having normal conversations. Cox believes it is just because she is crazy and refuses to perform extensive tests, but when she expresses her annoyances at J.

Cox changes his mind about the tests. After another song in her head, Dr. Cox finds out Patti hears everyone singing because she has an aneurysm, a fatal condition. Meanwhile, Carla works out that staying home and looking after Izzy would work out better than if Carla went back to work and hired a nanny, which makes Turk very excited.

But after everyone expresses how they will miss her, Carla has some second-thoughts about leaving her job. Elliot finds a new apartment to move into, but finds out J. Elliot and Carla are thinking of how to break their news to J. Once the two finish their song, they meet Elliot and Carla who both break the news to them. Carla tells Turk that he knows nothing about her, she still is going to return to work, but Turk supports this.

Elliot then asks J. Patti is then scared about her aneurysm but after surgery, she is luckily cured and everyone stops singing. Despite this good news, Elliot still misses J. The Worthless Peons sing to Carla. The majority of the episode is a semi-fantasy, as Patti sees everyone singing. However, J. Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Patti Miller.

We'll be friends forever! We're gonna be friends forever!

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Scrubs - My Musical [Part 8 - Finale]

It is the rd episode of the show, and was originally aired as episode 6 of season 6 on January 18,

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