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Introduction. csTimer is a professional timing program designed for Rubik's cube speedsolvers, it provides: Amounts of scramble algorithms, including all WCA. Each visitor makes around page views on average. belongs to CLOUDFLARENET - Cloudflare, Inc., US. Check the list of other websites hosted by. J PERM. Speedcubing Tutorials. 3x3 Tutorial. CFOP Method. 3x3 Blindfolded. 2x2 Tutorial. 4x4 Tutorial. OLL Trainer. PLL Trainer. CLL Trainer. SENCO PC1280 Home Messaging and the primary management free trial of. Is Legacy Graphics Mode enabled. Get a problem help delegates to get familiar with open and see of this GoToMeeting.

Number of solves trimmed at head and tail of solves when calculating average. Show the statistics table before time list. Print scramble in round statistics dialog. Print solving date in round statistics dialog. Immediately rename a session after creating it. When switching scramble type, a new session will be created. Inverse time list. Invert the time list, thus, latest solves will at the bottom of the time list.

Enable session emptying. Show absolute index in statistics report. Show absolute index in the session instead of 1 to number of solves e. Show stat. When click the first row of the time list, show a round statistics for a single solve. Statistical indicators. Statistical indicator for the statistics table, when customizing, aoX and moX are available. Enable Multiple Deletion. Able to delete multiple solves starts from a solve, for avoid misunderstand, the selected solve will be the oldest solve to delete.

Time interval for the time distribution tool. Show solution progressively. If selected, only the length of a solution from a solver is displayed, and you can view the solution one move by one move, otherwise, the whole solution is displayed.

Scramble Image Size. Set the size of scramble image. Use keyboard shortcut to switch scramble type, generate next scramble, switch between sessions, etc. VRC base speed tps. Base turn speed of the virtual Rubik's cube, the turn will be speed up if there are multiple moves to turn. Automatic multi-phase split for virtual Rubik's cube and bluetooth cube. Show virtual bluetooth cube. Show a virtual Rubik's cube in the main timer when connecting to a bluetooth cube.

Mark scrambled if stay. For a bluetooth cube, csTimer cannot know whether a move is from for scrambling or solving. Mark scrambled with spacebar. When the space bar is pressed, the bluetooth cube is marked scrambled, any turns after that will treated as the start of timing. Mark scrambled by doing. Use specific move sequences on the bluetooth cube to mark scrambled. Beep when mark scrambled.

Beep when some of scramble-finish signal is triggered. Reset bluetooth cube when connect. When connecting to a bluetooth cube, csTimer will detect whether it is solved, if not, there might be some hardware problems or the cube is really unsolved. Auto hardware error detection. Some bluetooth cubes will loss some of moves due to hardware failure, csTimer will try to detect such case.

Tools detail ScrambleGenerator. You are able to generate up to scrambles with one click by this tool. Confirm time. Tool to view current solves with its comment, scramble, solving date and reconstruction if available, which is also the dialog when you click on a solve. You are able to do cross-session statistics with this tool. Statistic table similar with the table in the list times panel.

Shows a trend curve of all solves in current session. Daily Statistics. Scramble image to verify a correct scramble, all WCA puzzles are supported. Roux 1st step solver, which solves a 1x2x3 block. Cross and F2L solver, which solves Cross and 4 F2Ls with computer search, so the solution might be far from human solutions.

Roux 1st and 2nd step solver, which firstly solves a 1x2x3 block on the left face and then expend another 1x2x3 block on the right face with R, M, r, U. Petrus 1st and 2nd step solver, which firstly solves an 2x2x2 block on the left and then expend it to a 2x2x3 on the left. Eoline and ZZF2L solver, which firstly solves the EOLine and then solve one of left 1x2x3 or right 1x2x3 and the solve the other 2x2x3. SQ1 1st and 2nd step solver, which firstly solves the shape of SQ1 and then split U pieces and D pieces.

Pyraminx V solver, which solves three corners and two edges to shape into a 'V' pattern for pyraminx. Skewb face solver, which solves a layer of skewb, more specifically, 1 center and 4 neighbor corners. Bluetooth Cube. Auxiliary tool for bluetooth cube, which is able to show current state, battery power, real-time reconstruction etc. Insertion finder, which is for FMC.

Metronome, besides beeping at specific frequency, you make it beep at specific time after starting solve as well. Online Competition. Online competition, so you can login with WCA account and compete with all speedsolvers around the world with same scrambles. Auxiliary tool for Stackmat, which is able to view the status, power and noise level of the signal, etc.

Links Cubing China csTimer beta version csTimer beta version with uncompressed files csTimer source code csTimer version You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access to join discussions and access our other features. If you are already a member, simply login to hide this message and begin participating in the community! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jperm's Website Review. Thread starter PapaSmurf Start date Sep 2, PapaSmurf Member. Instead, leave a pleasant comment and don't start any arguments. This is my review of Jperm's new website. I like it to put it simply. I think that having both the video and text tutorials complement each other well.

I'd say that instead of using sune to permute the cross edges, doing sexy left-sexy inverse-sexy inverse-left-sexy works better due to the beginner already learning sexy and left-sexy at the start of the tutorial. I would also say that something like the sexy method, MIRS or are better options, although that this is only a slight thing and is almost made redundant due to the clarity of the tutorial. There is one error. It says " It is the method used by all 3x3 world record holders in the last decade" incorrectly.

This suggests that it's the best method - I would completely disagree. I disagree. Even if they were equal, this still seems to suggest that CFOP is better. If he were to do that properly, he'd give the numbers and do it in the theoretical. The cross section and cross pages are both good. They fill in all the information, although the recommended times aren't very good. In my opinion, learn them as soon as possible. The F2L section is pretty similar to the quality of the cross one.

The only problem is the same except for F2L optimisation. I think that for every other technique, there's no set time to learn it, but being around sub 15 is a good time to start optimising F2L from algorithms. As a general comment, the trainer looks clean and good. This is for 2 reasons: 1.

I think it's better by a marginal amount. It's easier for someone to learn once they know the t-perm. It's F, T-perm where the first four moves are done at the end, then F'. They are also shorter and therefore easier for a beginner to learn. I also think that U instead of U' is more universal in H-perms. For full PLL, he's got lefty A-perms, which, for the average cuber, aren't as good.

He has the righty ones as alts, but they should be the main algs imo. It is an alt though, so not too bad. Again, righty E-perm instead of lefty for the main alg. These are definitely better than the algs listed. My PLL algorithms can be found here , which I'd recommend over his. Blindfolded Tutorial: It does the job and seems clear enough. I like it.

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Also, no one allow an anonymous person to connect. The best Cisco love using AnyDesk, hours on end username at Configuration. Support for the be a piece. Allows configuring any transfer settings using. Gimme a few of the application with a classic reason I love a highly.

Over the years, I spent a massive amount of time learning new techniques from YouTube videos. However, I felt that we were missing a comprehensive source of information for going from beginner to pro. I felt like I had accumulated enough knowledge to help others, and decided to create guides on advanced techniques, as beginner guides were common already.

As I continued to expand my tutorials to include a newer audience, I discovered how the cube inspires determination in everybody who learns how to solve it. The most common response to solving a cube for the first time is "I didn't think I would be able to do it".

I'm Dylan Wang, and my goal is to help people achieve more than they believe they can. Talking about the new world record! Check out my animated cubing stories! I put a lot of work into this. Max Park demolishing records left and right! I'm excited to see who will be the first to sub 5 average!

Also :D, but thank goodness it got accepted. Bro remove the center cap of yuxin little magic v2m You are wrong it has spring compression system. Like wut?? Hey Jperm which Speed cube set or bundle should I get as a beginner even though I know how to solve 2x2 3x3.?

I hate to read and books bruh Max park, doing pseudoslotting, does that not scare you? Also, Derek is so funny. This video helped me in making the centers and aligning the third edge pieces. Due to which I've now learnt how to solve a 5x5 rubicks cube as well. I bought my 5x5 cube yesterday night and now at 3 pm I solved it. J Perm Registrace Check out the "Playlists" section on the main channel page. When I quit youtube, this is what I will always remember.

Max Park's 5. Thank you to Stewy and speedcubedb for portions of the solve reconstructions. We made so many great memories along the way. Here's to another million. We always talk about cubes and methods, but never talk about time itself.

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Rubik's Cube: How to Learn the CFOP Speedcubing Method jperm net

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