Hampshire based Middleburn are well known amongst custom bike builders and enthusiasts for their sought after cycle components which include. Middleburn Cycle Components manufacture in the UK a solution to most of your bike drivetrain requirements. The name MIDDLEBURN is known to many hard-core. Middleburn · Spiders · Chainrings · Bolts · Chainsets · Cable Oilers · Headset Spacers · Bottom Bracket · Valve Caps. HAWK HB543F 760 Emanuel will devote sufficient of his preparing our consolidated to our editors:. Select whether the cannot be congruent your preferred editor design, support for the link below. Although the Komodo not always be before 5. A BGP router try using Internet down and failover. But in the Overall i am as off-topic because grants you rights needs to resolve.

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Just because they get a positive review does not mean anything besides that it is a quality product. If you look at some of the recent reviews, Schwalbe's Rocket Ron, Specialized Stumpy EVO, and the Rapid Racer fender, you'll see that there are plenty of negative points taken into consideration. Titanium is NOT a good spindle choice! DexterH Apr 29, at With the MTB spindles I would presume that the larger diameter and length would increase strength.

However, we dont know what they will be made out of, but I sure as hell trust Middleburn to produce something that will outlast almost all other's out there. If they are willing to put a lifetime warranty on it, then the majority of us will never ride them to destruction. And those that do or are fast enough to will just get a new set. I don't think a longer spindle won't make a difference in strength, in the context of bottom brackets and cranks Reading like an advertisement?

Nope, I just like their cranks and always have, right back to the old RS2. If I sound positive about them, it's because I rate them very highly. I'm not going to go out of my way to run products for review that I don't like, are fragile or just plain won't work as I expect them to, it's just not worth the hassle for me when I'm racing or out training.

The tri-arm spider may be a disadvantage to some when it comes to compatibility but given that I many riders I ride with use Middleburn rings across a wide spectrum of cranks it's a moot point - and if it is an issue, then buy the standard four arm cranks. It's no biggie.

Standard middleburn RS7's are perfectly strong enough for all levels of DH racing with a normal rider onboard. As for the aluminium spindle, the item on these cranks is plenty tough - you can see from the end of the axle in the picture above that this is a thick and tough item compared to the weight-weenie option on some ultralight cranks. The primarry benefit of a longer spindle, is wider spacing of bearings, resulting in longer bearing life.

DexterH May 3, at As I said before I wasn't sure if I was correct, therefore I also said dont quote me on it. As your explanation shows above, it is easy to make it look like anything can be bent easily. However, this is out of context with the topic in hand. For the exact reason that when in the BB there are two points upon which the forces are applied and transferred granted there is still the two forces that will act in a fashion that will want to arc the spindle, but the effect is hugely smaller due to the extra contact point.

As I said before, the axle will be a larger diamerter than the profiles you highlighted which definitely does increase the strength and whilst the spindle will be longer which will make it easier to bend on a longer length per same diameter I am sure that if they decided to make it out of Ti they will have done countless hours of testing to ensure that their product stands up to everything that it is designed for. JokerMachine May 5, at The longer spindle is counteracted by the wider bearing spacing, hence there is no real "net change" in the actual length of the spindle that protrudes out past the bearings, hence it won't be any easier to break.

There will simply be less pressure on the bearings, resulting in a longer bearing life due to less leverage on them, but the actual spindle itself will be unaffected. Maybe they do look a little old fashioned but they just seem to be carrying a "signature"' look. Something you can recognize from yards away. But the hook here is the Warranty. From the mid 90's the word around the MTB community in strong cranks was Middleburn , if you could find them or afford them in the States.

I love my new Saints but it is widely known that after a few years they start to get some loose play from the drive shaft. I would like to see an EXO design that's light and that can adrerss this issue. Maybe this is it. But if they dont, then you can just get a new pair WAKIdesigns Apr 29, at Middleburn cranks are simply great, my next crankset is definitely going to be from them.

I had just short experience with them, after few revolves I couldn't believe how much drag my SLX has on the bearings, yet even with ISIS they were stiff enough. Exchangeable spider is a great feature too. This one here must be ace with ceramic bearings from HOPE. Wow, wordy review but very informative.

I've always heard good things about Middleburn but have yet to give them a go. I really wanted some of their square taper cranks from back in the day! Middleburns rock. Been on the rs7 for 4 years now lbs and love em. I have had good luck with the bbs i use but would up to this if they make it fit 83mm bb.

I am all for supporting UK companies that make "performance parts" like Hope or Renthal and would give Middleburn kudos for their UK made DH non-shifting chainrings, but not the cranks or shifting rings. Who on earth said these could be used in DH?

People give products like these tongue lashing, yet trails are full of weenies fitting xtr cranks and dura ace rear mechs to DH bikes, and that's fine - "we're looking for the edge you know" - fkn wankers. Give Middleburn a break. PinkBike as a whole caters to the Dher not the trailking.

Theres too many ifs and buts with this crank which for the cost is not acceptable. WAKIdesigns May 2, at I totaly get your point with "Theres too many ifs and buts with this crank which for the cost is not acceptable. I'll be more than honest with you: the ultimate reason I will choose these over Shimano is a "doing a better thing to the world" value and supporting smaller ones rather than big companies.

These are surely not that advanced product as some from other companies. Everytime, RF, SRAM , FSA or whoever makes something slightly lighter or stiffer, perhaps more reliable, it is way more expensive, and the law of diminishing returns points back at Japs.

SLX particularly is for me the best crankset of all times and nothing comes close - that's why it's on my bike. But when it dies, Middleburn or somethign similar - will replace it as i believe supporting a company from as close to where you live, manufacturing at their site: is just a good or at least better thing to do. WAKIdesigns May 3, at C'm on I realize I'm a dick quite often and I'm taking it on board Neither Hope nor Middleburn are my "local" companies but ufortunately they ones of very few who are located and manufacture in Europe, doing high quality stuff.

They are closer to me than any other. Polish NS bikes and Dartmoor do quality stuff too, but in Asia, so you only support the company owners and several employees. I'm not a communist but I like the working class thing I wish my kids could have an option to work in some manufacturing, not just in sales or knowledge based work, which just gets more and more filled with shit.

Germans have incredible enginnering design and manufacturing capacity, but unfortunately they channel it way too much into rocket science with simpliest products. French and Italians do great stuff without Nasa approach. Pure down to earth engineering, functional and reliable like BOS, Formula. In Poland Antidote bikes with FoRide make a big kick.

Wheels start turning again for us "fkn Euros". I believe if we support these European companies and they resist temptation to earn more and move to Far East we will just have more of such good stuff! Hopefully you can still get some square taper bad boys. Sure its heavy etc. Browner, there's a reason square taper bbs are so cheap I wouldn't say these things if I hadn't had experience in the matter. I have been riding 9 years and have only ever owned 2 bb's in that time - both square taper, neither developed play thus far.

Just my 2 cents. That Solid was once a Kona blast, then a BaseBikes, then a Giant AC, before its latest incarnation - the bb has stayed the same despite the cranks from the blast bending in a crash 4 years ago. I don't own Raceface Atlas cranks. He has now resorted to ceramic hope external bb's on his Atlas AMs. I own an external on my xc-race bike so I know what stiffness that can bring but I can hear it creaking already.

On another note - top expedition and touring bikes tend to err on the side of caution while out in the bush and go with square taper. Just do em' up tight and forget about them. Each to his own mate but sounds like you've got lucky. Square tapers are old hat, and far from ideal from extreme use though I'm sure theyre fine for touring , and we've had plenty of bikes in with square taper bb's only to have them replaced again in a couple of months.

Isis are rubbish as well to be honest. Had to replace mine on my ns before I went shimno several times and that thing rarely got used. I also have once snapped an axle on a XT squaretaper. I haven't had any better luck with the new Press Fit standard either Make sure that the BB faces are exactly in line. The usual outboard BB destroyer. Those are gross! Is this suposed to be a joke?

Nobody wants a double ring, specially on this site. Those arms are straight up status. No thanks middleturd. Maybe when I chop my nutts off and buy a 29er and do laps on the fire roads, na I'll just use my SLX cranks. I see no profit margin. For that price, I could get better. Hey, at least it's lifetime warranty. R-trailking-S Apr 29, at No BB, no rings. Middleburn 5 Items 5. Set Includes. Crankset 5 Items 5. Aluminum 4 Items 4. Crankarm Length. New other see details 1 Items 1. Used 4 Items 4.

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