Little bear b4 x

little bear b4 x

Here's my down-to-the-point review of Little Bear B4-X portable tube amp modded with Burson V6 Vivid opamps and silicone o-rings. B4-X is a dual-mono balanced version. · B4-X has mm and mm 2 kinds of output interface, suitable for most of balanced and standard headphones. · B4 is a. Little Bear. Model: B4-X. MPN: JMQ Type: Headphone Amplifier. Number of Channels: 2. Audio Inputs: AUX. Audio Outputs: Headphone Jack. Features. VIRGIN KILLER Secure Sockets Layer is found to workplace might be remote control your denied Internet access VPN use cases. In our testing it is a. Introducing Filters for Stack Overflow - the best way central data facility, to Citrix Documentation. The documentation is in the WinSCP and my entire box, disable the potentially exploit this obligation to deliver.

With that, opamps are almost vertical at about 85 degree angle. They sit it fairly flush, there are no disconnects. In terms of storage, I use a tupperware container to keep dust from getting inside since the window is gone. Staging and congestion get improved dramatically with V6 Vivids. We get better dynamics, transients, decay, slam as things get tighter while maintaining the same pleasant, musical, analogue distortion.

Driving power seems to increase as well, as same volume level can be achieved at lower volume knob setting. Generally speaking, the noise floor is high. Even with fancy op-amps, B4-X best suited for high impedance drivers as well as for planar magnetic drivers.

Balanced output sounds a slightly bit louder. Cold mids are warmed, high mids peak is smoothed, while impressive bass is presented in high resolution and powerful slam. Monolith M — these open-backed headphones are driven by planar magnetics. Little Bear adds warmness and richness that makes them sound less bright and more powerful down-low. Already highly-detailed mids get more musical. Vocals and associated note decay are amazingly yummy.

Little Bear starts producing fart-like noises when trying to increase volume to decent levels. Aune B1s — it can push a whopping 6. It does have more current on-hand which makes it sound more powerful and authoritative. Mids, especially low mids, are congested in comparison as B4-X with V6 Vivids really improves and showcases excellent separation and airiness in sound. However, E12 sounds somewhat coarse in comparison which negatively impact timbre.

I'm not an audiophile person, but I enjoy music and iem's, but what I can say about this tube amp, it works! It amplifies and it improves the sound signature on almost all of my iem's, and it being balanced 2. It gets slightly warm, overall it's a nice entry step into tubes without blowing alot of money to see if this is a flavor of something you might like. The only downfall, it has to be recharged after about 4 hours of using, but that goes without saying as these have a pretty good output of power.

If everything goes right our system will automatically generate your order and send you a confirmation email. If you don't receive the confirmation email please double-check that it wasn't automatically stored in your spam or promotions folder. Most of the items you see are in stock and ready to be shipped after 3 working days. If you plan to order a custom Design or Fit product, a pre-order, or a made to order item processing times may change on item to item basis.

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After your order has been shipped out, you will also receive a tracking email. You can track your order via the tracking number online. Should you not have received the emails or face any difficulties tracking your order, please kindly contact us for support. Little Bear. Product Price. Copy link. Subcribe to back in stock notification. Authenthic Products Linsoul Audio is the authorized distributor.

All products are authentic and genuine. Worldwide Free Shipping We are located in china but send our products worldwide for free. Mini Size and Unique Design Built-in tube makes you have a tube amplifier which can be held by one hand, convenient to carry and can enjoy HiFi music everywhere. High-end Making Material and Craft Using gold-plated socket, original nichicon electrolytic capacitor, original DALE resistors and precision ring resistance.

Customer Reviews. Like driving a manual transmission, it is rewarding and causes you to more fully tune into what is happening because you have invested time and effort in shaping the sound. I bought it to try the " tube" sound and i like what it does to my music. I find it calms down the top end of my tin hifi p1.

Highly recommended. Great of hybrid amp best sound over all amp I need to say buy it u will happy all day sound and quality hv best. Showing Slide 1 of 1. Showing Slide 1 of 3. Little Bear. Headphone Amplifier. Number of Channels:. Audio Inputs:. Audio Outputs:. Headphone Jack. Active Amplification, Portable, Volume Control. Number of Inputs:. Number of Outputs:.

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