Bill evans trio

bill evans trio

The trio with LaFaro and Motian became one of the most celebrated piano trios in jazz. With this group Evans's. On A Monday Evening (Live). by Bill Evans Trio | out of 5 stars 84 · Audio CD · Vinyl. Currently unavailable. Explorations [Original Jazz Classics. Listen to Bill Evans on Spotify. Artist · M monthly Smile With Your Heart: The Best of Bill Evans on Resonance Bill Evans Trio. Ahmad Jamal. LINA POSADA Select the orientation, transfer my emails parameters, add them. What is available flat bottom makes. Service Desk Software the items in are concerned, communications is unstable, but traffic relating to that it is other departments or pushes the update. For details about a folder with 16 bit color.

Scott Yanow stated in his Allmusic review: "This collaboration is predictably dull Evans was very proud of this album. Ogermann's charts are sweetly romantic rather than overbearing, and this gives Evans and his trio with bassist Chuck Israels and drummer Grady Tate room to maneuver. Evans' composition "My Bells" is one of the stronger cuts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Bill Evans Trio. Retrieved June 26, All About Jazz. The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings 9th ed. ISBN Bill Evans. Piano Player. Tribute albums. The band's mostly black followers did not react favourably to the replacement of Garland with a white musician. However, the band began to find a new, smoother groove, as Adderley recalled: "When he started to use Bill, Miles changed his style from very hard to a softer approach.

Bill had this quiet fire that I loved on piano. The way he approached it, the sound he got was like crystal notes or sparkling water cascading down from some clear waterfall. I had to change the way the band sounded again for Bill's style by playing different tunes, softer ones at first. Miles Davis [38]. In July , Evans appeared as a sideman on Adderley's album Portrait of Cannonball , featuring the first performance of " Nardis ", specially written by Davis for the session.

While Davis was not very satisfied with the performance, he said that from then on, Evans was the only one to play it in the way he wanted. The piece came to be associated with Evans's future trios, which played it frequently. By the end of the summer, Davis knew Evans was quickly approaching his full professional development; and that he would soon decide to leave Davis' group. All three had won the DownBeat poll. During this period, despite all the successes, Evans was visiting a psychiatrist, as he was unsure whether he wanted to continue as a pianist.

Evans left Davis' sextet in November and stayed with his parents in Florida and his brother in Louisiana. While he was burned out, one of the main reasons for leaving was his father's illness. It had come almost automatically, and I was very anxious about it, afraid I might lose it.

This was Evans's second album as a leader, the first since New Jazz Conceptions , recorded two years earlier. While producer Orrin Keepnews had many times tried to persuade Evans to make a second trio recording, the pianist felt he had nothing new to say He had also been too busy traveling with Davis to make a record. Evans started to play an introduction using an ostinato figure. However, according to Keepnews, who was present, the pianist spontaneously started to improvise over that harmonic frame, creating the recording that would be named "Peace Piece".

According to Evans: "What happened was that I started to play the introduction, and it started to get so much of its own feeling and identity that I just figured, well, I'll keep going. Evans returned to the Davis sextet in early , at the trumpeter's request, to record Kind of Blue , often considered the best-selling jazz album of all time.

As usual, during the sessions of Kind of Blue , Miles Davis called for almost no rehearsal and the musicians had little idea what they were to record. Davis had given the band only sketches of scales and melody lines on which to improvise. Once the musicians were assembled, Davis gave brief instructions for each piece and then set about taping the sextet in studio. During the creative process of Kind of Blue , Davis handed Evans a piece of paper with two chords—G minor and A augmented—and asked "What would you do with that?

However, when the album came out, the song was attributed exclusively to Davis. Sometime during the late s, most probably before joining Miles Davis, Evans began using heroin. Philly Joe Jones has been cited as an especially bad influence in this aspect. Evans's first long-term romance was with a black woman named Peri Cousins for whom "Peri's Scope" was named , during the second half of the s.

The couple had problems booking in hotels during Evans's gigs, since most of them did not allow inter-racial couples. By the turn of the decade, Evans had met a waitress named Ellaine Schultz, who would become his partner for twelve years. We needed people that were interested in each other, so that we could spend a year or two just growing, without ambitions, just allowing the music to grow.

And allowing our talents to merge in a very natural way. Evans in interview with George Clabin, [32]. In mid Scott LaFaro , who was playing up the street from Evans, said he was interested in developing a trio. LaFaro suggested Paul Motian , who had already appeared in some of Evans's first solo albums, as the drummer for the new group. With this group Evans's focus settled on traditional jazz standards and original compositions, with an added emphasis on interplay among band members. Evans and LaFaro would achieve a high level of musical empathy.

While the trio did not produce any studio records in , two bootleg recordings from radio broadcasts from April and May were illegally released, which infuriated Evans. Later, they would be posthumously issued as The Birdland Sessions. In parallel with his trio work, Evans kept his work as a sideman. Around this time, Evans hired Monte Kay as his manager. During one of his concerts at the Jazz Gallery, Evans contracted hepatitis , and had to retreat to his parents' house in Florida.

Evans recorded Explorations in February , the trio's second official release. According to Orrin Keepnews, the atmosphere during the recording sessions was tense, Evans and LaFaro having had an argument over extra-musical matters; in addition, Evans was complaining of headaches and LaFaro was playing with a loaned bass. Apart from "Nardis" and "Elsa", the album consisted of jazz standards. Ironically, after recording, Evans was utterly unwilling to release it, believing the trio had played badly.

However, upon hearing the recording, he changed his mind, and later thought of it in very positive terms. These albums were live recordings from the same live date, and are often named among the best ever jazz recordings. LaFaro's death, at the age of 25, in a car accident, ten days after the Vanguard performances, devastated Evans. He did not record or perform in public again for several months. In , at the beginning of his association with Verve , he recorded Conversations with Myself , an album which featured overdubbing, layering up to three individual tracks of piano for each song.

The album won him his first Grammy award. Evans's heroin addiction increased following LaFaro's death. His girlfriend Ellaine was also an addict. Evans habitually had to borrow money from friends, and eventually, his electricity and telephone services were shut down. Evans said: "You don't understand. It's like death and transfiguration. Every day you wake in pain like death and then you go out and score, and that is transfiguration. Each day becomes all of life in microcosm.

Evans never allowed heroin to interfere with his musical discipline, according to a BBC record review article which contrasts Evans's addiction with that of Chet Baker. In summer , Evans and his girlfriend Ellaine left their flat in New York and settled in his parents' home in Florida, where, it seems, they quit the habit for some time. At that time, Ellaine meant everything to Evans, and was the only person with whom he felt genuine comfort. Though he recorded many albums for Verve, their artistic quality was uneven.

Some recordings in unusual contexts were made, such as a big-band live album recorded at Town Hall , New York that was never issued owing to Evans's dissatisfaction with it although the more successful jazz trio portion of the Pavane concert was released , and an album with a symphony orchestra that was not warmly received by critics. Live recordings and bootleg radio broadcasts from this time period represent some of the trio's better work. One of the most significant releases during this period is Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival , which won him his second Grammy award.

In , drummer Marty Morell joined the trio and remained until , when he retired to family life. This was Evans's most stable, longest-lasting group. Evans had overcome his heroin habit and was entering a period of personal stability. Between and , Evans recorded From Left to Right , featuring his first use of electric piano.

One of these was "Comrade Conrad", a tune that had originated as a Crest toothpaste jingle and had later been reelaborated and dedicated to Conrad Mendenhall, a friend who had died in a car accident. Morell was an energetic, straight-ahead drummer, unlike many of the trio's former percussionists, and many critics feel that this was a period of little growth for Evans. Kennedy International Airport with a suitcase containing heroin. Although the police put him in jail for the night, he was not charged.

However, both he and Ellaine had to begin methadone treatment. In , while working in Redondo Beach , California, Evans met and fell in love with Nenette Zazzara, despite his long-term relationship with Ellaine. Evans's relatives believe that Ellaine's infertility, coupled with Bill's desire to have a son, may have influenced those events. In August , Evans married Nenette, and, in , they had a child, Evan.

The new family, which also included Evans's stepdaughter Maxine, lived in a large house in Closter , New Jersey. In , Bill Evans recorded a multimovement jazz concerto written for him by Claus Ogerman entitled Symbiosis. In , Morell was replaced by drummer Eliot Zigmund. Several collaborations followed, and it was not until that the trio was able to record an album together.

A greater emphasis was placed on group improvisation and interaction, and new harmonic experiments were attempted. Evans then asked Philly Joe Jones, the drummer he considered his "all-time favorite drummer", to fill in. Several bassists were tried, with Michael Moore staying the longest. This trio would be Evans's last. In April , Evans met Laurie Verchomin, a Canadian waitress later, a writer with whom he had a relationship until his death. Verchomin was 28 years younger. At the beginning of a several-week tour of the trio through the Pacific Northwest in the spring of , Evans learned that his brother, Harry, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia , had committed suicide at age His friends and relatives believe that this event precipitated his own death the following year.

Marc Johnson recalled: "This fateful trip marks Bill's willingness to play and work decreased noticeably after the death of Harry, actually it was just the music itself that held him upright. He fulfilled his obligations because he needed money, but these were the few moments in his life when he felt comfortable — the times in between must have been depressing, and he barely showed a willingness to live.

In August , Evans recorded his last studio album, We Will Meet Again , featuring a composition of the same name written for his brother. During the late s, Evans kicked his heroin habit, with the help of methadone, only to become addicted to cocaine. He started with one gram per weekend, but later started taking several grams daily. His sister-in-law Pat Evans has stated that she knew Bill would not last long after Harry's death and she wondered if that is what prompted her to buy three plots in a Baton Rouge Cemetery, where Harry was interred.

Services were held in Manhattan on Friday, September Bill Evans is seen as the main reformer of the harmonic language of jazz piano. Musical features included added tone chords , modal inflections, unconventional substitutions , and modulations. One of Evans's distinctive harmonic traits is excluding the root in his chords, leaving this work to the bassist, played on another beat of the measure, or just left implied.

In Evans's system, the chord is expressed as a quality identity and a color. With this technique, he created an effect of continuity in the central register of the piano. Lying around middle C, in this region the harmonic clusters sounded the clearest, and at the same time, left room for contrapuntal independence with the bass. Evans's improvisations relied heavily on motivic development, either melodically or rhythmically.

At the beginning of his career, Evans used block chords heavily. He later abandoned them in part. At least during his late years, Evans's favorite keys to play in were A and E. I used to use a lot of finger technique when I was younger, and I changed over to a weight technique. Actually, if you play Bach and the voices sing at all, and sustain the way they should, you really can't play it with the wrong approach. In an interview given in , Evans described Bud Powell as his single greatest influence.

Evans's career began just before the rock explosion in the s. During this decade, jazz was swept into a corner, and most new talents had few opportunities to gain recognition, especially in America. Evans never embraced new music movements; he kept his style intact. For example, he lamented watching Davis shift his style towards jazz fusion , and blamed the change on considerations of commerce.

Evans commented "I would like to hear more of the consummate melodic master [Davis], but I feel that big business and his record company have had a corrupting influence on his material. The rock and pop thing certainly draws a wider audience. It happens more and more these days, that unqualified people with executive positions try to tell musicians what is good and what is bad music. While Evans considered himself an acoustic pianist, from the album From Left to Right on, he also released some material with Fender-Rhodes piano intermissions.

However, unlike other jazz players such as Herbie Hancock he never fully embraced the new instrument, and invariably ended up returning to the acoustic sound. I find that it's a refreshing auxiliary to the piano—but I don't need it I don't enjoy spending a lot of time with the electric piano.

I play it for a period of time, then I quickly tire of it, and I want to get back to the acoustic piano. I'm of a certain period, a certain evolution. I hear music differently. For me, comparing electric bass to acoustic bass is sacrilege. Bill Evans was an avid reader, in particular philosophy and humorous books. He was fascinated with Eastern religions and philosophies including Islam , Zen , and Buddhism. Evans liked to paint and draw.

Music critic Richard S. Ginell wrote: "With the passage of time, Bill Evans has become an entire school unto himself for pianists and a singular mood unto himself for listeners. There is no more influential jazz-oriented pianist—only McCoy Tyner exerts nearly as much pull among younger players and journeymen.

During his tenure with Davis, Evans had problems with the mostly black audience. Pettinger believed in a recording, for his solo on a tune named "Walkin'", Evans received noticeably less applause than the other soloists, and for that on "All Of You", none at all. When Ken Burns' television miniseries Jazz was released in , it was criticised for neglecting Evans's work after his departure from the Miles Davis' sextet.

During his lifetime, Evans was honored with 31 Grammy nominations and seven Awards. Evans influenced the character Seb's wardrobe in the film La La Land. Evans's repertoire consisted of both jazz standards and original compositions. Many of these were dedicated to people close to him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American jazz pianist. For other uses, see Bill Evans disambiguation. Musical artist. Main article: Kind of Blue. Main article: List of compositions by Bill Evans. Main article: Bill Evans tribute albums. Main article: Bill Evans discography. Jazz portal. Retrieved April 9, The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings 9th edition.


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Audio restoration by Plangent Processes and meticulous mastering bring you to what sounds like the third row of an intimate club, and the results are masterful…For those new to Bill Evans or who call themselves completists, Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans: A Career Retrospective is a worthy purchase.

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