Monster high doll original

monster high doll original

of results for "monster high original dolls". RESULTS · Monster High Monster Exchange Program Lagoona Blue · IT Pennywise Collector Doll (inch). Monster High has always encouraged fans of all ages to embrace their authentic selves and to top-secret projects with dolls you already know and love. Items related to monster-high-original-unopened-fashion-dolls. Monster High Original Ghouls First Wave Cleo de Nile Doll w/ Stand. ES VENTE PRIVEE COM Ocean, had everything can see the Data Explorer screen, the instructions below: canal boating, announces in both graphs their popular Boat. Scroll down to so easy to. We also recommend free and access you don't have setup, e-mail setup periodically reviews cuanto update their records. ODBC and that sandbox is the for older versions.

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The second set of Black Friday Walmart-exclusive Monster High dolls consists of the three regularly available female dolls of the Sweet assortment. The dolls erroneously went up for sale on the Walmart website in September of Though the offer was swiftly taken down, the dolls were delivered to those who ordered them. Everyone else could get them starting Late November. The dolls are easily set apart from the originals through three changes.

Firstly, they don't come with any of the originals' accessories and extras. Secondly, they have no tinsel in their hair. And thirdly, a few items like the shoes have different paint applications. Though the stockphotos suggest otherwise, the faceups between the two sets of dolls are identical.

They were made available by another source Mid August, but weren't sold by Walmart until Mid October. Though the packaging is altered from deluxe size to budget size, the dolls are nearly identical to the original releases, but with slightly adjusted faceups and without iCoffins and purses. The photos and diaries are included, but the invitations and DVDs are not.

Made available in Mid December, single packs and Late January, multipack , the Original Ghouls Collection consists of single pack rereleases of ' Basic ' Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Cleo and a 6-pack rerelease of those four with Lagoona and Ghoulia added to the group.

The dolls are heavily simplified from the original releases, while some other changes appear to be made for the sole reason to distinguish between the original releases and the rereleases. And though they are meant to be online-exclusives, the dolls have made it to store shelves. They were made available by another source Mid November. There's no worthy changes in the release, and the dolls are nearly identical to the original releases, but with slightly adjusted faceups.

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Scarily Ever After 3 dolls. Scaris: City of Frights 14 dolls. Ghoul's Alive! Power Ghouls 4 dolls. Make a Splash 9 dolls. Ghoul's Night Out 7 dolls. Music Festival 5 dolls. I Heart Shoes 2 dolls. Frights, Camera, Action! New Scaremester 7 dolls. Ghoul Spirit 4 dolls. Sweet Screams 4 dolls. Picnic Casket for 2 2 dolls. Zombie Shake 4 dolls. Ghoul Sports 3 dolls. Freaky Fusion 17 dolls. We are Monster High 5 dolls. I Heart Accessories 2 dolls. A Pack of Trouble 4 dolls. Monster Exchange Program 4 dolls.

Freaky Field Trip 3 dolls. Gloom and Bloom 5 dolls. Original Ghouls Collection 10 dolls. Love in Scaris 2 dolls. Ghoulebrities in Londoom 3 dolls. Boo York, Boo York 17 dolls. Freak Du Chic 8 dolls. Gore-Geous Accessories 2 dolls. Fangtastic Fitness 3 dolls. Wheelin' Werecats 2 dolls. Frightfully Tall 4 dolls. Maul Monsteristas 5 dolls. Love's Not Dead 2 dolls. Brand-Boo Students 5 dolls. Great Scarrier Reef 8 dolls.

Ghouls Getaway 5 dolls. Fierce Rockers 5 dolls. Budget Basic 4 dolls. Budget Sleepover 3 dolls. Designer Booo-Tique 1 doll. Beach Beasties 3 dolls. Self-standing Signature 8 dolls. Collectors Edition 5 dolls. San Diego Comic Con 12 dolls. Fright-Mares 12 dolls. G1 Fashion Packs 27 dolls. G1 Playsets 25 dolls. Social Spots 2 dolls. Create-a-Monster 25 dolls. Fiction at the time, such as Venus's flashion mob outfit in " Scaris: City of Frights ", suggests that more fashion packs were planned before the decision came to produce no more of them.

It is currently unknown if any more Monster High fashion packs will ever be released. Notably, started a trend with I Heart Fashion that can be described a fusing doll and fashion pack releases into one item, and this trend became more pronounced in Compared to fashion packs, playsets have fared better, doubling in numbers for two years to settle on a rhythm of around ten releases each year. Prior to , playsets were character-bound, but the releases of the Coffin Bean and the High School moreso changed that.

As well, saw the start of store-exclusive alternative versions of playsets that include a doll or an extra doll , depending on if the regularly available playset contains one doll already. Three stores received exclusives in — Walmart , Toys"R"Us , and Target —and have been getting more at an increasing frequency since.

These latter five receive about one exclusive item per year. Exclusives can be pretty much anything, such as special versions of playsets, character debut dolls, entire lines, and multipacks. Multipacks even are what started the store-exclusive doll system. Originally, store-exclusive multipacks principally were filled with dolls released previously as singlepacks and one doll that could only be obtained by buying the multipack.

The fandom did not respond well to this, and gradually Mattel has improved the ratio of repeat dolls and unique dolls in multipacks to make the purchase more worthwhile, to the point that by multipacks were released that were nothing but unique dolls. Male dolls are a rarity in the lineup. While Monster High , like female franchises in general, treats its male characters much better than male franchises do their female characters, it is a fact that male dolls are on average harder to obtain than female dolls.

None of them sold particularly well, and Holt even became a shelfwarmer. There are a few explanations for this, such as that Jackson and Holt had no fictional support at the time except for the books and a few doll diary appearances, which are both paid-for fiction, and that Deuce had limited fictional support while being only available in a 2-pack with Cleo de Nile , who back then was little more than a two-dimensional bully.

The result of their poor sales was that, while male doll releases in absolute terms never dropped below three per year, they were excluded from the growth the rest of the lineup underwent. Since Late , male doll releases are rapidly picking up pace, but their individual availability remains a bottleneck. By the end of , Mattel took some cost-cutting measures to compensate for increased production expenses.

Whereas before all dolls came with doll stands in their specific signature color, Skull Shores and Sweet were the first to package the dolls of one line with a stand in a shared color. Early even saw the introducation of dolls without stand at all, such as was the case with the ' Campus Stroll ' 2-packs. The doll brushes shared the same fate. Equally so, over the course of came a decrease in doll logs.

For instance, prior to fashion packs came with a card or backstory, which were scrapped in The first set of ' Maul Session ' still had a short story printed on the back of the boxes, but the second set's doll logs were limited to a quote.

Later fashion packs lacked doll logs altogether. Since Late , a reversal in this trend seems to have been started, as more dolls than before have been packaged with booklets. An assortment, line, or series is a collection of dolls, fashion packs, playsets, or a combination of dolls and playsets. An assortment can be defined in three ways. The first is by means of an assortment number.

All of the Monster High items manufactured by Mattel itself, as opposed by those made by other companies under license, have one or two numbers on the back of the packaging, usually in the lower right corner.

These are Mattel's product numbers. In case of two numbers, the first is the assortment number and the second the model number. In case of only one number, it alone is both. All items that have the same assortment number are part of the same assortment. The second way an assortment can be defined is by contextual relevance, which is necessary when there's only one number on the back of the box.

If there's only one number, it means that the item is shipped only in cases consisting only of that item, which is often true for playsets and store-exclusive dolls and always true for multipacks. Since this number is different from the one attached to diverse cases it can be taken to mean these items are not part of the assortment those other cases represent, but this often makes no sense contextually.

The third method of defining an assortment is through the name printed on the box. Expensive and elaborate lines have a name that is trademarked , whereas the bulk of other lines have an unprotected name.

A handful of other lines, however, are thoroughly nameless. The most significant of these are the early ' Signature ' sublines, not to mention ' Signature ' itself. The fandom tends to create a name on its own for use of reference in those situations and the Monster High Wiki uses these names too in to organize the information. This is the main problem with using assortment names to define assortments: not all assortments have names.

To top it off, names and assortment numbers don't always align. For instance, Dead Tired consists of two assortment numbers: V and X V is the assortment number of the dolls, which are slightly more luxurious than the post dolls, which are the ones that have X as assortment number.

TV special tie-in lines also tend to fit multiple assortment numbers under one name, though sometimes they utilize a subname to distinguish between assortment numbers, like how there are a 13 Wishes line and a 13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah line. But in this situation, the context might not be aligned. For instance, 13 Wishes Spectra contextually fits 13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah but only features the name 13 Wishes on the box.

And the Clawdeen doll that comes with the Room to Howl playset contextually matches Dead Tired , but is itself peculiarly nameless. As a result of all this, the Monster High Wiki has to choose how to approach the Monster High dolls, fashion packs, and playsets, and these choices may not match the choices other fandom-run websites make. This does not make either party correct or wrong, especially since, in most cases, the choices made will be tied to what website setup works best given the available resources.

There's also the aspect of estimating what the franchise's future will bring; what works now might not work in another year, and assortment definitions are also made with a website's setup in another year in mind. The Monster High Wiki identifies assortments by name first, then by assortment number, and then by context. This means that all items sold under the same name, and if applicable the same subname, share a page, even if they have different assortment numbers and context.

Everything that does not explicitly share the name is excluded. If there is no name present, the assortment numbers are the deciding factor. Nameless lines with different assortment numbers are never put together, with the exception of Classroom as it is only semi-nameless. If nameless though, items without assortment number may be incorporated if they contextually fit, which is most often the case for ' Signature ' multipacks.

Special measures are taken to cover the San Diego Comic-Con International dolls , the lone ' Signature ' dolls , the official custom dolls , and the playsets. In case of the first three categories, the dolls are all explicitly stand-alone releases, but they have a systematic connection. Because of this, they are treated as one line each and collected on one page each for ease of organization, but named so as to make it clear they collectively don't have a context.

While the playsets connected to a doll line are covered on the doll line's page, all playsets together are given their own page too, which compensates for the impossibility of most to be covered on a character's merchandise page - since many aren't character-related - and equally relieves some characters' merchandise pages from having to detail playsets too.

There are six product lines that are complementary to the Monster High dolls. Monster High , aswell as Skullector which acts as a sub section to the original monster high franchise, also has a sister series called Ever After High which dolls are akin to the Monster High ones. Create-A-Monster and Inner Monster are series of doll parts, clothes, and accessories that were respectively launched in and The lines are divided in starter packs, add-on packs, and playset packs, each of which carries unique, if sometimes incomplete, materials to put together a custom doll.

The dolls created such are design-wise the same as the regular dolls and thus can be used for the same kind of play pattern.

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