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Comentario de EU Just caught a summer bass. Comentario de I am diligently awaiting the arrival of the Winter Squid. Comentario de xylum AM Comentario de Yep, they're dropping now. Swamp of Sorrows, little island far right of the Sunken Temple.

Comentario de 23rd September, just fished one up in Swamp of Sorrows after 10 casts. Kazzak EU. Comentario de 23rd of sept. US east coast server;undermine. Comentario de am September 23 US-Scilla fished up a winter squid on my second cast off the docks at bogpaddle in swamp of sorrows.

Took 14 casts; effective fishing. Edit: Blasted Lands, open water of course. Ghostlands EU server. Finally got the last fish I needed for Oceanographer :. Only took 3 casts; Tried it in the open water of Azshara as well, but gave up after 20 casts or more.

EST Happy Fishing! Kalici Elune. Comentario de Winter squid is fishable. I caught them on the coast of the Blasted Lands at am server time-Hyjal. Today is the 23rd of Sept. Comentario de September 23, I just fished Winter squid off the coast of Gadgetzan in Tanaris, to finally finish The Oceanographer! And completed the acheivement. Comentario de 70,25 in Blasted Lands at am server time.

Happy fishing! As others have said and some ignored, this is NOT reverse for Oceanic servers. Comentario de Bellabel Azshara proved to be taking way to long, I spent one hour fishing with no results. I went to Blasted lands. I went to the coast, and landed this squid in 8 cast. Good times. Comentario de jquintel Confirmed, Was fishing all day in Azshara today during "peak" times, then came back later 2amish and got on my 6th cast in Blasted lands.

Comentario de Had no luck in about 50 casts in Azshara. Took me 5 casts. Don't waste your time going to Azshara. Comentario de Today is Sept. There is NO winter squid here. Good Luck. Comentario de Spent a lot of time trying all over Azshara to catch a Winter Squid, but no luck. Fished off the coast of Tanaris by Gadgetzan and it was my 2nd catch.

Spent 30 mins for no result in Azshara. Achievement complete! Good luck all! Comentario de Peter Yep, looks like Tanaris coast is the place to fish It is a winter fish that only can be fished off the coast from September 23rd to March 20th. Since Azshara zone change, it would seem the winter squid is no longer available in Azshara.

Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands or Tanaris all have decent fishing rates to catch the winter squid. Don't waste your time in Azshara the way I did. Casted hundreds of times in Azshara with no luck, first cast in Swamp of Sorrows caught my winter squid. Results may vary. Good Luck! Comentario de Cupcakee Red Reaches is an excellent place. Comentario de hockeytownrox Reading the above posters, I too went to Blasted Lands. Red Reach. And I fished at 72, Got my quid on the first cast!

Not sure if I was just unlucky or if you just can't catch this from town. Comentario de knumpcy I hope this helps. Only 2 fish and he came to me. I like others was foolish enough to try during off season AND the wrong zone. Save yourself the trouble and wait. Or fish arch nemesis Lubina cruda , which can be fished in the same zone.

Since no screenshots have been posted, I took the liberty to submit one of where I was at when I caught both Calamar de invierno and the Lubina cruda. Not at the same time mind you. I suppose one could catch both fish back to back, huh.. Anyway, hope this helps. Comentario de Crystarion I just caught a Winter Squid in the Blasted Lands at 75 x 58 at roughly pm server Was actually considered the Forbidding Sea at that location hope this helps some.

Comentario de Confiming the above post. Flew to Blasted Lands East Coast. This was at I would strongly suggest fishing in the Ruins of Arkkoran, if your after Calamar de invierno , as its the only location that seems to have the Pre-Cata fish available. I personally fished Comentario de Calamar de invierno can be caught off the coast of Blasted Lands from approximately September 22 until approximately March 20 check date of equinox as this is Wow's official winter period.

Was able to get mine off Surwich on the second cast with fully leveled fishing skill. The summer can be used to catch Lubina cruda Wowhead suggests these are catchable in Azshara, but I tried for over an hour and came up with nothing. In less than 10 minutes I caught 19 Darkclaw Lobster, and 5 Squid, at server time, on Friday the data of this post.

Comentario de Pypode In just 30 minutes, pmam, I fished up 12 Winter Squid, near the farthest southern tip of Tanaris, just west of Land's End Beach, standing on a piece of wreck which was sticking up out of the water. Stunned me. Everything I read indicated day-time hours and rare catches. Also picked up 7 Raw Glossy Mightfish if I got name right.

I had tried Azshara first as suggested by a rating and got nothing. This might be a glitch but I was very happy to find it. Went back this a. Caught 9 Winter Squid - these Squid were caught within the first 15 minutes. By the way, it isn't deep. Comentario de I got it on the 7th cast in blasted land.

Go to Surwich stand on the right of the flight master facing the sea on the tip of the peer. Make sure you fish in the sea. Comentario de LadyFox Caught mine at a. Comentario de caught one in Gadgetzan on the docks, probly not the best place since I fished for 30mins or so before fishing one up.

I got it at the beginning of the Red Reaches, where the 'slave murlocs' are walking around being harassed by nagas : Got it on the 3rd catch, dont know if it was pure luck though. The time was My coords were Good luck and happy farming: Date: 20 oct, M server time. Looked like about every other catch was a Winter Squid. Comentario de Kristree I have spent hours and days trying to catch this Winter Squid in Azshara with no luck.

I was in Swamp of Sorrow and thought I'd see if I had any luck there. Caught 2 in five minutes. Coord 11, I searched everywhere for this Winter Squid , and I couldn't find a single one. I caught a winter squid just now, off the coast of the Blasted Lands, it is Tuesday, October 25, I thought the above posts were saying I could only catch the winter squid ON September This is not true.

If fishing for this squid during , you'll have to wait until September 22 or after and before the next spring equinox in Comentario de Fish about 2 hours in Bay of Storms Azshara.. Comentario de entun Caught Winter Squid today at tanaris Comentario de ulexite Confirmed on Oct 22, , earlier generation fish may still be caught at the Ruins of Arkkoran, approx 70, Completed Oceanographer achievement.

Comentario de If you are catching lvl 5 fish Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore or Raw Slitherskin Mackerel in Azshara, then you need to move to another location, I fished just to the east of the Tower of Eldara at about 81, 32 and I caught one of these within about 5 minutes of the first cast. First cast into Tanaris off of dock, caught a winter squid. I have a maxed out fishing lvl 85 Allied character. I did not try and fish the waters in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Comentario de Woodymakespizza Caught on five out of seven casts in the bottom right corner of the map in the swamp of sorrows on the little island. Sorry I dont have coords, the 4. I will edit this post in a day or two with coordinates. Comentario de Myriell i caugt winter squid in the second cast, of the coast in Blasted Lands, at Surwich.

Date: 30th of january At this very spot i altso caught Darkclaw Lobster. Comentario de dythe I fished this guy up on the coast of the Blasted Lands. Even though there are less nodes listed there than in Swamp of Sorrows, it's a lot easier to get to simply by using a Blasted Lands portal in any main city.

Fished up the Winter Squid on about my fifth cast. Comentario de Monthy Cought 3 on 10 attempts today Blasted Land 70,48 26, Pulled up my Summer bass today: Time Has anyone confirmed as of newest patches that this is still a seasonal thing? Comentario de June 2nd Me: "Hun, I have been fishing forever and still have not caught the squid and I have gone to all the spots you told me, to. I didn't think that mattered! Comentario de Whatvoidzone Brace yourselves.

Winter is coming! Comentario de kobollen Time to go fish! Just got it, Paris time! Gz on Oceanographer :. Comentario de jerrik The fall equinox for was on September For , it begins on September So apparently, Blizzard has it hard coded for the Fall Equinox to begin on September 23, rather than using proper astronomical data.

Comentario de dr Confirmed that winter squid is back on Oceanic realms as of today, just caught one in Blasted Lands south of Nethergarde Keep. Comentario de elmorulz Got it just out of NGK as well realm time :. Went to Blasted lands and fished off the dock in Surwich and caught no squid. Stood on the tip of the boat and caught different fish from what I was catching from the dock.

After about 5th cast, caught the Squid. It took 23 casts. You do not need to fish this out of schools or wreckage. This is an open water catch. Comentario de Went to the coast directly east of the dark portal and got it on my second cast. Caught mine in Blasted Lands.

Comentario de Spikem Has anyone caught the Winter Squid in 3. I'm Fishing and have been trying for about an hour in Swamp of Sorrows without any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can you catch more than one of them?

Comentario de Caught mine today on the first cast in the Swamp of Sorrows off the coast. Fishing level: If you're not catching it, try attaching a lure. Took about 15 casts. Thank you. Comentario de dewey2k Caught on third cast off ocean coast in Swamp of Sorrows 91, Comentario de kittycatcharm I'm catching this at the Darkmoon Faire, starting right after the patch.

Two in less than 10 casts. Azshara it can be caught its just very rare. Comentario de I've caught 6 off the coast of the forbidden coast. Ive been fishing the little island due north of feathermoon fish count is as follows: Raw spotted yellowtail: 14 Raw glossy might fish: 6 Big-mouth clam: 5 Firefin snapper: 4 Raw rockscale cod: 2 My lvl is with bright bobbles and stong fishing pole.

Without the lure all I managed to catch is junk lol. Comentario de From the achievement post regarding 'The Oceanographer', obeefy posted the following information: Important note: Sorry to spoil the funz in getting an achievement. Which are equivalent to each other. Summer bass can only be caught from the end of March until the late September.

I am glad I checked that out because I had been fishing for a while this week looking for the Winter Squid. Now I know why I couldn't get it lol Hope this helps someone else after the achievement. Comentario de onelotus Just caught half a dozen in Blasted Lands in Surwich off the dock by the FP on ally side.

At fishing skill attached an Aquadynamic bobber thing. Took about 8 minutes but I was reading facebook in there too. This is after 5. So be aware of time of year, Sept til March and March til Sept. Its October, pumpkins all over, and heckish to get here at lvl 54 but a nice place suitable to Halloween. Comentario de Gix Caught 2 of them at the Darkmoon Faire today in the short process of doing the fishing quest. Must be new with patch 5. Just fish it up without any school. I got it by 4th trying : Of corse in the winter time november-march.

Blizzard has since changed some of the fishing around the DMF. So this may no longer be the case. You can catch Calamar de invierno while fishing in the Darkmoon Island. It appears though being able to catch this fish is based entirely on your fishing skill. On Darkmoon Island the fish you catch is based on your skill.

For example, at level you will be catching Mist fish. El's page says the tier they are common in is However, the character I was fishing these up with was - in skill with no buff, and I was getting a lot of them. Was also fishing these up in open water not pools.

Had to run to Booty Bay at to get training, but it's close by so not a big loss of time. Por ello, en esta oportunidad te mostraremos de forma detallada el En mi casa siempre la hemos comido en ocasiones especiales. Los calamares quedan tiernos y el interior es A la plancha, con ajo y perejil, guisados, encebollados, rellenos, etc. Para confirmarlo, en RecetasGratis te traemos una receta Dificultad media.

Los chipirones y calamares tienen muchos adeptos, puesto que nos ayudan a preparar platos exquisitos y muy variados. Los calamares a la romana son unas anillas de calamar rebozados en una masa crujiente. Lo importante a la En RecetasGratis, te traemos una deliciosa forma de prepararlos a Una receta de pescado que se prepara con su propia tinta y que da mucho sabor al calamar. Para esta receta de calamares en su tinta es Calamares encebollados, un plato rico y sencillo. Podemos cocinar los calamares de muchas maneras, pero encebollados es una receta tradicional que podemos hacer en poco tiempo y nos permite disfrutar de un plato estupendo.

Un plato ideal para el verano que en poco tiempo podemos tener preparado. Otra de sus virtudes es que no contienen colesterol. Contienen una buena cantidad de cobre y son un alimento especialmente proteico. Hoy preparamos unos calamares en salsa de almendras, una receta sencilla con un sabor muy rico que da este fruto seco a la salsa.

El calamar es un marisco que gusta mucho y que podemos cocinarlo de muchas maneras, si son frescos podemos conseguir que el plato sea excelente por el sabor tan bueno que Yanina comparte con RecetasGratis. En esta receta de RecetasGratis.

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