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Was one piece. No taping of tarp sections together. Was pointy along the ridge line. I'll explain this in a minute. Used no tape, grommets, sewing, reinforcements or anything at the tie out points The sheets I was able to find all had max width of between 60" and 64". This would not be wide enough for a hex or winter tarp shape to be made with 1 sheet. Sheets would have to be taped or sewn together along the ridge line, introducing a potential point of failure.

So the shape I settled on was an asymmetrical diamond shape similar to the stock Hennessy tarp. The dimensions of the rectangle is 11'x5'4". The ridge line therefore is just over 12'. I did use two sided tape to fold a "hem" around the tarp circumference. The tape peels off jus leaving the adhesive. The finished hem looks like this For tie outs I used sheet bend knots.

They are easy to tie, easy to undo and hold very well. Here is a pic of the ridge line tie out and a side tie out Here are some pics of the completed tarp in the backyard. And here it is all packed up. I haven't weighed it but it feels like nothing. That's it. Costs about 13 bucks plus whatever tie out cord you use.

It's all one piece and has no sewing, or taped together sections. If something will go wrong, it will be with the material itself. I will take it with me for the rest of the summer and report back on performance. For now, though I'll probably have another tarp in snake skins ready to deploy if something goes drastically wrong.

A lotta ins That is pretty neat. Please keep us posted with performance reports. My only concern would be the durability of the material. Give us some updates as you use it more. Stay up to date on great deals and innovative products from small, startup and cottage outdoor brands. New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. Rolling around at night and moving in your shelter causes friction with the ground.

This can lead to abrasion and microtears, reducing weather-proofness over time. As a bonus, the extra material of a ground sheet can add the tiniest smidgeon of insulation against the ground. In cold temperatures, every little bit counts.

So, how do you select a footprint? Six Moon Designs has removed the headache of pooling friends and searching hardware stores with the release of its pre-cut Tyvek and Polycro shelter floors. The question now becomes: which material is best for you? One thing to note about Tyvek is that it is a bit crinkly, and can be hard to fold, as well as loud when rolling around at night.

One way to compensate for this is to wash it before use, as it softens the material up. Packing ear plugs is never a bad idea either. Polycryo or Polycro is a thin insulating film often used for covering windows. Backpackers have been using this ultralight material for years. Another benefit of Polycro is that it packs down incredibly small, and can easily be folded into your tent bag or a very small stuff sack.

After a few trips to compare the two footprint options, I now prefer Tyvek. I will happily carry a couple of extra ounces in exchange for ease of use. When I was by myself, I had to carefully place rocks on each corner to hold it down before setting my tent up.

On the other hand, Tyvek easily unfolds and stays in place while you pitch your shelter. Both of these materials can be bought in bulk from hardware stores like Home Depot. Katie is a freelance writer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. When she's not behind her laptop, you can find her guzzling instant coffee in the backcountry or developing a new and expensive outdoor hobby. Is Tyvek any better? Using polyacro in the wind is a pain.

The other big benefit of a groundcloth, either Tyvek or Polycro, is cleanliness: the groundcloth has all the dirt on it, rather than the tent. This makes drying gear out easier and keeping gear clean easier. I had to chase mine through the Grand Canyon when the wind kicked up and pulled it out from under the rocks I had on its corners.

Will be switching to Tyvek this season. It depends on then polycro that you use. I put a piece of Tuck Tape on each corner. Is holding up well. I hiked the CDT in and started with polycro, it lasted two weeks. Tyvek saw me through to the Canadian border nearly fives months later. Also very useful for messaging when hitching a ride for resupply. I highly recommend Tyvek! Nice article and nice photos. I am a Tyvek man because I use a hyper light mattress.

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