This is timmy s room

this is timmy s room

Jul 25, - Explore Jared &'s board "Luna's & Timmys room" on Pinterest. See more ideas about house design, bedroom decor, house interior. The dog then turns on Timmy, and instead ofattacking, licks Timmy«s face, Timmy discovers he canseeinto a pretty girl«s room from across the street. Mar 20, - Explore Cynthia Farrer's board "Timmys room" on Pinterest. See more ideas about ninjago, lego ninjago, lego. CITIZEN ECO DRIVE SKYHAWK Mar 28, Mar. Comodo offers both a free and. Zoom is for.

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This is timmy s room netcam this is timmy s room

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The boy plays football every Sunday. The teacher asks the students. The students write tests every week. Look at the picture! I have the book at home. Max wants to speakto Helen. This is a long letter. That is a green pencil. What colour is this sofa? I am a student from Russia. Where is the child now? That sofa is green. Translate this letter into Russia. Answer these question, please. Give the customer the offer, please. Ask the secretary to send the offer to the firm.

Show me and my colleague the new model. At the lessons they, them, their teacher asks they, them, their a lot of questions and the students answer they, them, their. It, its windows are large and it, its is very light. We, us, our children like they, them, their room. Petrov is we, us, our student. I, me, my know he, him, his well. He, him, his English is good and I, me, my speak only English to he, him, his. He, him, his help we, us, our a lot.

These engineers work at the Ministry of Foreign Trade. He has got a good job. She has breakfast early in the morning. Jane goes to the Institute every day. There are cables and telexes on the desk. It lies in the South East of England on both banks of the river Thames. London is one of the largest cities in the largest port and industrial centre in England. London is more than twenty centuries old. The territory of the City is only about one square mile, but it is the financial and business centre of the country.

It contains almost all important English banks and offices. The East End is quite different from the West End. It is the district of factories, plants and docks. The narrow streets and poor houses of the East End present a contrast to the homes of the rich people in the West End.

One of them is Trafalgar Square with the Nelson monument feet high. Buckingham palace is the royal residence. Westminister Abbey is one of the most citizens of Britain. It was a fortress, a royal residence, a prison, now it is a museum. Hyde Park is the most popular of them. It is the greatest park in London as well. There are many picture galleries and museums in the capital. The National Gallery houses a priceless collection of paintings.

The famous British museum is one of the best museums in the world. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box. Search for:. Look at Timm s room and complete the text. This is Timmy s room. That s his computer and this is his desk.

It is new and modern. That s his train and this is his car. It s funny! It looks like a big! Now, write about Kelly s room. This is Kelly s room. That s her computer and this is her desk. It s very functionsl. And this is her new bear! It can talking! Giraffe 3. Crocodile 4. Whale 5. Hippo 6. Walrus 7. Lizard 8. Who does visit foreighn countries? I am udually doing my morning exercises.

She don't te. Who visits foreign countries?

This is timmy s room zales movado

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