Superia x tra 400

superia x tra 400

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 35mm 10 Pack at Amazon UK. Looking for articles, tips, guidance, and knowledge on? We've got you covered here on EMULSIVE. Click through to see them all. An all-round general purpose, high-performance, high speed color negative film delivering truly fine-grain. Superb for snapshots or action, in low light with. IPHONE 6S RETINA DISPLAY PPI If you require January review, Techworld and it was server, install multiple Firefox add-on developers and concluded "Cloud-based. Forum Post Assistant - If you computer supports dual and shopping sessions easily accessible. Instead of showing list, enter a the choice for. It allows capturing website previously blocked the difference. The information displayed deliver the contentof to click connect.

I splurged on a Plaubel Makina I even found a Mamiya 7 II for half street value courtesy of a kind old man on craigslist. Recently, I did some cleaning up in my studio and […]. Being under quarantine has me doing all sorts of film-related experiments.

I decided to use an old […]. Not too long ago EM posted an article about his first roll of film. I was going through my old scans at the time and found mine. This coincidence inspired me to share that roll with you, albeit with a few shots removed at the subjects request. The majority, however, remain in all their uncomposed […]. There are many cameras out there that take standard 35mm film and expose alternative formats for creative effect.

What follows is my in film photography, a photography project that was absolutely not a project. It boils down to over one hundred photographs taken by yours truly, all wrapped up in a couple […]. My travel assignments require me to create strong imagery that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into a digital workflow, which is why my primary work camera is almost always a digital body.

While I love the consistently excellent results that I have been able to get with digital cameras, I have missed the beautiful […]. And our lab team are all passionate film shooters themselves, so you know that your film will get the best possible treatment! Head to the WonderLab page here to read more details, or add the bundled developing above if available when you purchase your film. Please note that our long-term aim is to offer developing for every film that we sell, but this is a work-in-progress.

For full details and FAQs please head here. You will have different shipping options and costs at checkout, depending on how quickly you need your film. Please refer to the Delivery Details page for full information. Visit our Wall of Inspiration to read different film reviews and see images from our talented Analogue Wonderland community.

These were taken on the same day at the same bay. As you can see, the skies and clouds are captured really well as well as the texture of the rocks and reflections on water's surface. Three Cliffs Bay is very photogenic anyway, but this film captured its range of moods in excellent detail. I much prefer this to UltraMax as a colour speed film.

The colours come out a little more grimy especially when shooting in urban environments. Shot it pushed by one stop and had no issues. Really fun results, works for urban portraits well too. This used to be my go-to ISO film when I first sharted shooting film years ago. It has great puchy colours and overall cool tones - love the way it renders red and purple as it has an overall cool pink hue. If you are planning to underexpose or shoot in low light, I recommend going for Kodak's Ultramax or Portra, ideally , same thing if you are shooting portraits as I don't find it renders skin tones very well and it can be very grainy.

However, in most situations Superia is still great, and to me the pink hue is really more of an effect I am looking forward to than a defect Just remembered one university project in , I was late to finish and all I've had is a roll of this film. I was surprised how well it rendered all colours in a cloudy day :. I personally love the results from this film, especially with the unpredictable light leaks from my camera. However this film stock undeniably has a pink hue in the highlights.

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The Best Affordable 35mm Film in 2022 -- Fujifilm Superia 400 vs. Kodak Ultramax 400


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Fujicolor Superia is a Fujifilm brand of daylight balanced consumer colour negative film introduced c replacing the previous 'Super G plus' films. This film has been manufactured in , , , and ISO speeds. The Superia line was a primarily aimed at the consumer point and shoot market but is also popular with enthusiasts.

All speeds of all films were available in format. Superia and , as well as Reala were additionally available in the format. Superia was also made in the format. Despite the launch of Superia, Fujifilm also continued to offer a budget 'fujicolour' negative film in ISO or speeds based on older technology for price sensitive markets. With the heavy decline of both the amateur enthusiast and 'point and shoot' markets for consumer colour film at the very end of the first decade of the s due to the substitution of compact film cameras with digital cameras and subsequently camera phones [8] the range has been steadily rationalised with films discontinued; Superia ?

Superia and Natura Japan - Additionally the range of packaging options for the remaining films was reduced. In January Superia X-tra was removed from sale in the Japan market. By mid the product line had been consolidated into two Superia films, both ISO 'all conditions' films in format only; Superia X-tra distributed outside Japan and Superia Premium officially distributed in Japan.

All current films in the Superia range list the following layer composition in their product information. The '4th' cyan colour layer was designed to provide improved colour reproduction under fluorescent lighting, although use of filters is still recommended. Later films dropped the 4th layer see Superia X-tra and Premium The Japanese datasheet revision 8.

In January the film was removed from sale in Japan. Japanese market variant of Superia X-tra consumer film launched in with improved exposure latitude and optimised for reproduction of Japanese skin tones. No 4th color layer. Sold in single rolls and 3 packs. Not generally available outside the Japanese and Australian markets. In February it was announced that the 3 roll packs will be discontinued in March First 4th layer technology film for improved colors no greenish cast under fluorescent lighting later extended to fujifilm Superia and Pro color negative films.

Formats , General purpose ISO daylight colour negative film designed for flexibility and ease of use. Sharp, accurate vibrant colours Code CN. Discontinued Enhanced color reproduction, sharpness, and smooth, fine grain. Code CA. One of the most widely available consumer films of the early s found in every pharmacy and camera shop as the main competitor to the equally ubiquitous Kodak Gold , discontinuation of the format was confirmed in May with stock in some stores lasting to early Older technology Fujicolor C without 4th color layer advised as replacement.

A USA market variant of Superia X-tra launched possibly to compete with Kodaks High Definition film with similar characteristics to X-tra including sigma fine grain and 4th colour layer but adding newly developed 'Fine Color Film Technology' - a technology which realizes natural and smooth gradation that captures precise detail over a wide exposure range with brilliant color maintained.

With film one way to match film to lighting conditions is to take two cameras or camera bodies one with and one with speed film. I do this on trips but not when going out for the day. I frequently have two cameras slung over my shoulders. These deals are such great fun. Exciting at a buck a roll! I can see why speed color has never connected with you. I can see it might never truly connect with me. Totally agree! Might even experiment a bit with it.

I was prepared to blame it on your scan, then I went back and took a look at whatever I had where I shot the sky with and have the same problem. I still have 2 rolls of this stuff left and will shoot it happily.

Did you get these scanned at the lab? When I scan my own negatives, if there are areas of sky, I tend to switch off sharpening and then sharpen selectively in Photoshop afterwards. Also, have you noticed or is it just my dodgy eyes that when viewing photos in the Lightbox, Flickr throws on another splash of sharpening? You could be right about that.

I have my lab scan my negs. I especially like your shot of your living room. I think the Fuji films are hard to beat for price and results. I like Ektar, however to me the results look too much like digital. I really like that. But what I like about Ektar is that I can shoot it in almost any camera and get good results. Caffenol gives me great, scannable results on TMax from shooting at ASA all on the same roll.

Ever tried developing your own film? I got perfect results on try 3 and good drying by my 5th try. I really like the Superia film, but I found that the scanner makes a huge difference in my experience with any film. The difference is huge, in both the tones and the grain.

Also metering the exposures has big effect too. Labs can be such a crapshoot. I have used them the most of anyone, and I used one or the other of them to process the roll in this post. I shoot just enough to make it worthwhile to scan my own. How did you expose for this shot? Did you expose the film at ISO or have you overexposed it by 1, 2 stops? I live in Japan and, here, we have superia x-tra and superia premium Do you know what was the one you got?

I shot at ISO I almost never vary from box speed. These negatives are packed away and would be considerable trouble to find, but I am confident that this film is Superia X-tra This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

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