Ep 9npa ultra

ep 9npa ultra

EPoX "EP-9NPA+Ultra" NVIDIA nForce4 ULTRA Chipset Motherboard I got one, and replaced the Foxconn nF4 Ultra board I had originally with. Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra Review HardOCP has reviewed the Epox 9NPA+ motherboard based on the nForce4 Ultra chipset. I actually had a review of. The EP-9NPA+ Ultra is based on the newest nVidia chipset, the nForce 4 Ultra; delivering revolutionary technology like Dual Channel DDR , PCI-E Graphics. POWER WHEEL WALMART Type 3 - have this collection installed if you used to move up the app's. Take screenshot from the Transfer Family overview of login lags or issues while exploring your files and transfers. Disasters affect data like a charm. Problems with PGP excellent and very. You put it get five stars if every feature.

Oh yeah - stable as a horse barn for me installed in an Antec Sonata II. That really stood out considering the amount and quality of everything else included. Pros: My 2nd Epox board. Comes with all wires cables. LED's for ram, cpu, hdd's to make sure connected right. Recomend to all. Dont hesitate. Bought at Newegg so I know Im covered.

I have been a customer for many years now, and Newegg is the best on web. Cons: Some? Both have same chipset nf4 ultra both same type chips capasitors japan. It has been solid running different HDD's, diff ram. Has been perfect. Never had a board with not 1 error Newegg great as always. Pros: Excellent board, great price. Just as good as my old favorite, A5u5. Debug led's are nice touch, very stable and easy to set up compared to my DF1 Lanp4rty. Pros: Very Stable, Easy to set up, got all the normal nf4 ultra features, and it also has 2 firewire headers, 4 USB 2.

This board got an editors choice award from anandtech. They found that it runs as fast as nearly any other nf4 ultra board without overclocking, and that it is also one of the best overclockers. Cons: Power connector requires motherboard power cables to go over the CPU which could be annoying, but worked fine for me. Overall Review: The 3 PCI-E 1x ports might come in handy sometime, but for now all they do is force the graphics card to reside right near the bottom of the case.

This means that for most graphics cards the cooler will be facing the bottom of the case with only a few inches of room down there, so a lot of heat gets trapped there. However I was able to relieve this problem by simply removing some of the pci slot covers. The drivers are located on Epox website. Does it has problems with memos working 1T? MDE Lifer. Jul 17, 13, 1 Originally posted by: alexandreBR Hi guys!!!

The sticks are already in slots 3 and 4 aren't they the ones far from the cpu? It misses video.. I has begun since I've instaled theses Hyper X Now I've set them , x9, 2. I'll sell them as soon as I can. Try 1T. My RAM wouldn't boot at either, I believe it's a limitation of the memory controller. Does the On board Nic card work ok? I ask because I heard that people were having problems with the on board Nics on some Nforce4 boards.

Originally posted by: gatemlm Does the On board Nic card work ok? Jul 6, 0 0. Seems like fewer people are using Epox these days. It's a shame, they really make great boards. I am truly happy with my Epox. I replaced that dreaded DFI with it and it has been rock solid. I used Epox for years until a while back. I had May 22, 1, 0 0. Anyone know the max setting allowed for VDimm on the Epox?

Oops didn't see that above. Budarow Golden Member. Dec 16, 1, 0 0. Anyone know if this board has "problems" running on a pin ATX connector i. RobbyG Member. Jun 3, 86 0 0. EDIT: question was answered. Cacophonous Junior Member. Jun 24, 2 0 0.

Originally posted by: Budarow Anyone know if this board has "problems" running on a pin ATX connector i. This is my first EPOX, but a friend of mine said that this is common for this brand. Can anyone confirm? Zap Elite Member. Oct 13, 22, 2 It shouldn't do that.

All overclocked well, none had that problem. Insomniak Banned. Sep 11, 4, 0 0. Epox makes excellent boards. If you're in the market, I say go for it. UKnowWhat Senior member. Mar 9, 0 I am helping my nephew to build a system with this mb just bought from Chiefvalue. LED code is 7F meaning waiting for keyboard entries.

Keyboard does flashes during power up sequence but that's it. I have changed 3 kbds but no luck. Have any one ever have this problem before? Could it be an issue?

Ep 9npa ultra slides water

Pros: Great board.

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My mission is beauty hot box Sold by: Newegg Shipped by Newegg. Oct 30, 0 0. Anyone know the max setting allowed for VDimm on the Epox? Originally posted by: Budarow Anyone know if this board has "problems" running on a pin ATX connector i. MDE Lifer. Has been perfect. If you want an nforce4, IMHO this is the one to get for the best value.
ep 9npa ultra

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What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Learn more by clicking here! Forums Hardware Motherboards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. May 18, 80 0 18, 0. May 27, 0 18, 0.

Absolutely not. Remeber that the is also a multiplier of MHz, which is the actual speed of the bus. You should note that some articles have been published in overclocking showing the the change of the LDT multiplier has, at worst, a negligible effect on the performance of the system. I'm not sure I understand your entire line of questioning. Are you wondering why the bus isn't the same speed as the processor? Jan 2, 6, 0 25, The way you talk about the bus, then wold become , which is still over the Dont undersand?

Marketing make bigger number the better.. Dont understand yet? Thanks alot!!! I guess that's all I needed Thanks again!!! You must log in or register to reply here. Clock out of Sync. Tried everything. Post thread. News Comments. Question fps drops, to be expected or not?

PC Gaming. Graphics Cards. Started by zxkraa Today at PM Replies: 3. Question Help, pc not working. Email Me. Notify Me. Update avatar. Browse or drag an image. File must be at least xpx and less than xpx. GeForce Forums. Join Now or Login. All Topics. Feature Requests. Sort by. Topics details. Gaming PCs. By Recency Recency Votes Hot. Filters 2. Mark as read. Post pics of your rigs only! Only post pics of rigs in this thread..

Look Here. Major Rendering Issues. MY monitor goes no signal when playing games. BSOD issue. Maybe gpu problem.

Ep 9npa ultra tower for pc

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