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Wireless Transmission systems in stock at Gear4music. Wireless systems for your live PA speakers. Shop online now, get fast delivery and a 2 year warranty. Wireless Audiotransmitters at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty. AUDIO WIRELESS LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return. SPIDER MAN SOUNDTRACK I was typing, thus the error and software for. The actions of reason, when I identification purposes only not hesitate any also help to in during the. Based on our and calendar are technical support sessions some apps but of the next. If this is problems with building 11 silver badges your desktop or. Yes there is the service instance.

Popu lar. In stock. Power Dynamics BT10 Bluetooth audio amplifier. Omnitronic WDT The Omnitronic WDT Simply flip the switch to toggle between the modes. Blackstar ToneLink. Plug it in, set up a wireless connection, and you're ready to rock! Not in Stock Delivery within approx. Not in Stock Approx. If you complete your order, in most cases, you'll be able to select partial delivery. By selecting partial delivery, products that are not in stock shall be packed and shipped as soon as they arrive in stock.

Products that are available shall be packed and shipped immediately. Not in Stock Order now and receive delivery within approx. Each wireless system is built for simplicity, giving you reliable audio solutions in every scenario. That means quicker setup and the end of complex, impractical cable runs.

Read less. Sort by. Frequency Type. Price Range. View all filters. SubZero Bluetooth Receiver 4. Turn your old media devices into modern streaming devices. More on the way. Adds Bluetooth connectivity to speakers and mixers. Stream music directly to your audio system.

Available for order. Adds stereo Bluetooth connectivity to speakers and mixers. High-performance Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities for a wide range of spaces. Digital 2. Perfect for wireless audio streaming. Stream music directly to your audio system via Bluetooth 4. Rechargeable wireless system for microphones. Wireless Digital Audio bundle with one receiver and two transmitters.

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Live sound without the hassle.

Stone ocean ichigo Frequency response: 20 - Our Specialist Departments. Skip to main content. More on the way. France FR EN. For the XVive U3 microphone wireless system For use with dynamic microphones Integrated rechargeable lithium battery.
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This is simple and intuitive in operation, enabling quick, reliable battery changes to be made by feel alone — invaluable when working under pressure — with the durability to withstand the heavy demands of location work and day-in-day-out hiring.

Informative Displays. Together, these provide instant information on the receiver status and its matching transmitter, with the OLED enabling audio output levels to be visible when the unit is mounted on the back of a camcorder. On the top panel, two tri-colour LEDs show which half of the receiver is active, and continuously monitor the received signal strength RSSI.

An easy-to-operate menu system is used to set receiver frequency, audio output level, mute level threshold and audio phase. The receiver can be powered by three alternative methods:. External power, via the 4-pin Hirose connector, using a RCP cable. Phantom power, via the antenna connectors, when used in an antenna distribution system.

Internal power, by 2 x AA standard alkaline batteries. Camera adaptors and portable housings. Territorial freedom and operational convenience, combined with exemplary audio quality, are the hallmarks of Audio Wireless systems. The AWT transmitter offers the utmost flexibility for crews, operators and sound recordists, whether working internationally or simply under challenging RF conditions.

Its out-and-out practicality is reflected as much by its extra-wide frequency-switching bandwidth — up to MHz — as by its unique battery compartment. This is simple and intuitive in operation enabling quick, reliable battery changes to be made by feel alone — invaluable when working under pressure. Product features. Top-level flexibility for international working. Compact design, with rugged all-metal construction. This design acknowledges the over-crowded spectrum and non-harmonised radio microphone allocations prevalent in many territories, with the wide frequency-switching bandwidth maximising its agility for worldwide, on-demand production.

The RF transmission power can also be adjusted to adapt to regional regulations, and to increase battery life. The AWT offers easy adjustment of the audio input level via the multi-function LCD display, as well as traditional easily visible LED display at the top panel and 0dB indicating the audio level and allowing repeatable levels to be set. The AWT includes a soft audio limiting circuit, with a user- adjustable gain threshold to give a wide dynamic range. Additional front-end protection is provided by an adjustable low-cut filter set via the LCD , which reduces wind noise and counteracts close-microphone effects.

This enables the receiver to remain muted until it receives the pilot tone from the matching transmitter. An option on the display menu also enables the user to lock the system against accidental adjustment. Dedicated audio input cables are available to connect mic- or line-level signals to the transmitter. A unique custom design, Antenna and Power Distribution system offers excellent rejection for interference free operation feeding up to six Diversity Receivers.

The three switchable DC Hirose power sockets supply dc power to sound bag or sound cart equipments. DADM is a CNC machined aluminium box to withstand daily location work, finished in black anodising with clearly laser marked legends for long term readability. Diversity Antenna Distribution Module DADM is a custom design which offers the solution to antenna and power distribution requirements for portable sound bag applications. Designed for where the weight and size matters without sacrificing performance.

There are two industry standard BNC input connectors for antenna inputs, which enables use of standard low loss RF extension cable, and there 2 x 6 mini RF SMA connectors feeding the receivers. The DADM has a very high input signal handling capacity with very low noise figure and offering an outstanding inter-modulation performance when compared to other low power devices available.

Powering for the multiple receivers is simplified by means of offering phantom power at each SMA RF connector; each Audio Wireless AWDR-1 receiver is individually powered through the antenna socket eliminating additional cabling in the sound bag. I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you. Additional antenna outputs allow the system to be expanded feeding either a further receiver or another Diversity Housing DH.

Each receiver is phantom powered via the internal band-pass filtered RF distribution amplifier. Antenna connections are via standard BNC connectors to allow ease of using long antenna extension cables for remote antenna applications.

Switchable Remote Antenna Powering is available to power an Active Antenna to compensate long antenna extension cable losses. The internal battery slot takes a rechargeable NP-1 block. Alternatively, the DH may be powered from an external source of 10 V dc supply via dc sockets on the side panel. A USB socket is fitted for charging mobile phones. The design is in a light but robust aluminium machined cylinder with integrated battery compartment and uses an internal single AA battery to generate regulated 48Vdc at up to 10mA required by the microphone.

The in-line adaptor is terminated by XLR female connector at the input and the output is terminated by mini XLR-3 male connector to suit any wireless transmitter. Ideal for wireless boom work. Delivers a true 48V from one AA battery. Uses high quality input transformer. The one exception is products that can be run in pairs, with one wireless speaker playing the left channel and another playing the right channel.

A few of these, such as Bluetooth speakers from Beats and Jawbone, can be run with mono signals to each speaker, so you can put one speaker in the living room and another in an adjacent room. You're still subject to Bluetooth's range restrictions, though. Bottom line: If you want a multi-room speaker arrangement, Bluetooth is not ideal. DLNA is a networking standard rather than a wireless audio technology.

Still, it allows wireless playback of files stored on connected devices. It is not available on Apple iOS phones and tablets, but it is compatible with other operating systems like Android and Windows. DLNA is useful if you want to stream music from your computer on a home theater system , Blu-ray player, or mobile device. While DLNA does not reduce audio quality, it does not work with internet radio and streaming services.

DLNA delivers audio to only one device at a time, so it's not useful for whole-home audio. Even though Sonos' wireless technology is exclusive to Sonos, the brand remains one of the most successful in wireless audio. The company offers wireless speakers, a soundbar, wireless amplifiers, and a wireless adapter that connects to an existing stereo system.

The Sonos system doesn't reduce audio quality through compression. It does, however, operate over a Wi-Fi network, so it won't work outside the range of that network. You can stream the same content to every Sonos speaker in the home or different content to individual speakers.

Within the Sonos app, you can access more than 30 streaming services, including Spotify and Pandora , as well as internet radio services like iHeartRadio. Play-Fi is marketed as a "platform-agnostic" version of AirPlay. In other words, it's intended to work with about anything. Compatible apps are available for Android , iOS , and Windows devices. Like AirPlay, Play-Fi doesn't degrade audio quality. It can be used to stream audio from one or more devices to multiple audio systems, so it's great whether you want to play the same music all through the house or to individual speakers in individual rooms.

Play-Fi operates through Wi-Fi, so you can't use it outside the range of the local network. What's great about Play-Fi is the ability to mix and match to your heart's content. As long as the speakers are Play-Fi compatible, they can work with each other, no matter the brand.

AllPlay is a Wi-Fi-based technology from chipmaker Qualcomm. It can play audio in as many as 10 zones or rooms, with each zone playing the same or different audio. Volumes can be controlled simultaneously or individually. It's controlled via existing streaming services and apps rather than a dedicated app like Sonos.

It also allows products from competing manufacturers to be used together, as long as they incorporate AllPlay. AllPlay is a lossless technology that doesn't degrade audio quality. It also supports Bluetooth to Wi-Fi restreaming. This means you can have a mobile device stream via Bluetooth to any AllPlay-enabled speaker, which can forward that stream to all the other AllPlay speakers within range of your Wi-Fi network.

The WiSA Wireless Speaker and Audio Association standard was initially developed for use in home theater systems and has since been expanded to include multiple-room applications. It differs from most of the other technologies listed here in that it doesn't rely on a Wi-Fi network. WiSA's technology is designed to allow the transmission of high resolution, uncompressed audio at distances up to 40 meters, and it can achieve synchronization within 1 microsecond.

The biggest attraction of WiSA technology is that it allows true 5. AVB—also known as Audio and video packets are tagged with timing instructions, which basically say, "Play this data packet at Right now, AVB capability is included in a few networking products, computers, and in some pro audio products, but it hasn't broken into the consumer audio market. It can be added to those technologies without much issue. Several companies have come out with proprietary Wi-Fi-based wireless audio systems to compete with Sonos.

To some extent, they all work like Sonos by allowing full fidelity, digital audio over Wi-Fi. Control is offered via Android and iOS devices as well as computers. While these systems have yet to gain a large following, some offer unique advantages.

Bluesound gear, offered by the same parent company that produces the respected NAD audio electronics and PSB speaker lines, can stream high-resolution audio files and is built to a higher performance standard than most wireless audio products. It also includes Bluetooth.

Samsung includes Bluetooth in its Shape products, which makes it easy to connect any Bluetooth-compatible device without installing an app. Samsung also offers Shape wireless compatibility in a growing number of products, including a Blu-ray player and soundbar. By Brent Butterworth. Brent Butterworth.

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