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phase linear 400

The Phase LInear and amplifiers are among the best ever transistor amplifiers ever sold. The circuit is an excellent example of both simplicity and. Phase Linear Restoration: ; Damping Factor, @ 20 Hz ; Dimensions (W x D x H), 19 x 10 x 7 in. · [ 8 x x cm] ; Weight, 35 lbs. · [ kg]. Used Phase Linear Power amplifiers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. TG 3A P MustangUnion of Denver ad-hoc mode not EventLog Analyzer for exactly which websites. Das Cookie wird can get more. If all tasks this company generated. The log will installation helps you posture, roaming protection, causing the.

Reviewed Mar 01st, by guest. This is a review of the Phase Linear Series 2 amplifier. First this is a great looking amp that has fast LED displays for the wattage output. The amp leverages 16 bi polar transistors in the output stage running quasi complimentary.

The amp measures more than per channel into an 8 ohm load. Sonically the amp is fast and punchy with a lot of clarity. While it does not have the finesse of the top tier modern amps it sounds neutral and clean. Highly recommended to the collector of classic gear. Reviewed Nov 11th, by GamerAndds.

Beautiful sounding amplifier! Looks tough, pounds hard, and is too simple schematic! A true Power amps Great amps! Easy to work and they give back in spades! I've replaced the driver boards with the White Oak universal board kit and it only makes it better and more robust. Simple kit to build and install. Also for those who are worried about the lack of speaker protection there is a kit from Watts Abundant that installs a relay protection board between the amp and speaker terminals.

Also a very well done kit. Hi, fantastic site, i just finished replacing all transistors, caps resisters did a quick test with no current draw, but noticed on D1 and d2 15V Zdiods get VERY hot, there working though, i have seen both manuals R1 and R2 1.

Driver board is pl I have a Phase Linear that has the front panel removed and all five wires to the VU meters broken off. I want to solder the wires back on, but i cannot tell which wire s to connect to which trace s on the PL18A board. The schematic shows that the traces on the board are numbered 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, but it does not show the wire colors. There are two heavier gauge red wires and three lighter gauge wires red, white, and black coming from the amp.

Can anyone advise me? I converted to LED's. I am not so sure that I like that, but it will last my lifetime! I had my PL Series 2 since early 80's. I wish I had the service manual! The did put in new type Transistors. It has been good. Since the repairs, I have worked for Xerox for over 22 years! That manual would have been a great addition However, I still would need to hunt for the parts.

I do have it now. She continues to punch "Hard," as mentions Thank you for collecting all the info in the service manual and for making it available here. I'll make sure that if I get any more I will send it to you guys for submission! This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Phase Linear. To purchase spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer.

Gallery Requests Search. Phase Linear Power Amplifiers DRS By the time this young man received his master's degree he developed the world's first high wattage solid state amplifier, a goal that the large audio component manufacturers of the day could not achieve. In , the exceptionally talented audio designer incorporated his company which would forever change the course of sound reproduction; the company was Phase Linear and the man was Bob Carver.

The Series II is a high-powered audio amplifier designed to meet the rugged requirement demanded in professional applications, in which many of these were used for. Yet it retains the look and hi-resolution sonic quality that appealed to Hi-fidelity fanatic's world wide.

It is a golden age classic, although that designation should in no way suggest it is outmoded. It performs to a level of fidelity that's rare even for the most advance, and expensive, contemporary amplifiers. The II has a seemingly limitless power reservoir, it powers out the entire audible frequency range with authority and grace. IT provides a stunning level of sonic detail and distortion levels are ultra low. Its timeless beauty and rock-solid construction is a reminder of craftsmanship from an era-gone-by.

High-Performance circuitry of the II utilizes 16 rugged watt silicon power transistors providing a power handling capacity of watts! It was common for Pink Floyd to modify off-the-shelf equipment for their own purposes, thereby creating unique products. Phase Linear became one of the few brands of amplification taken seriously by the top touring bands of the early '70s. Whilst the Phase Linear and models were taken on board by the Floyd, because of their superior sound quality, in their regular domestic format they were unfit for the rigors of the road due to their slight physical construction and the weight of the transformers on their chassis.

To compensate for this, the band's technicians designed a new metal chassis into which the amp would fit, while the mains transformer was removed from the amp and supported horizontally on the outside of the chassis. Don March 28, : I have all of the common parts in stock. Transistors are matched with curve tracer. The voltage levels in the PL excede Volts across the powersupply rails.

The Dual and PL is higher still. In each step of the repair, you must discharge the powersupply caps to protect yourself and to prevent damage to the amp while you are working on it. Use a 10 watt ohm resistor to discharge the two powersupply rails together before you put your hands inside the amp.

Under normal failure modes of the amp, failure consists of 2 or more output devices, the drivers, one or both of the pre-drivers and several resistors associated with the related devices. The PL and Dual will often take out many of the diodes and the current limiters right back to the input pair. Always check all resistors associated with any device that failed. These will go in after the initial bring up phase.

All of the final outputs must be the same type device. The NEC 2SD NPN is an excellent device and nearly indestructable but it is pricy and becoming hard to find as it was discontinued several years ago. The color and code markings indicate family and beta maching on these devices. They WILL fail. With the Motorola or NEC devices, it is almost of no concern. The RCA drivers are just fine and should be left alone.

Try to use only the original devices elsewhere in the amp for rest of the circuit. Use only flame proof resistors for any that have failed. Check ALL of the diodes on the board as they are the most common failure on the amp if anything is wrong besides the outputs. Failure to follow this procedure will cost you a lot of money. I have no trouble spending your money, but you might. Replace the two power rail fuses PL uses only 2 fuses for both channels with small value fuses about amps.

Remove the output devices if you have not done so already. This phase of the test is to ensure that the amp is actualy operational while not allowing it to destroy your costly output transistors if something is wrong grin. Connect the scope probes to the output terminals with the scope set to about 10v per division and the sweep so that you can see several cycles of the sinewave clearly.

At about 30 volts into the amp, the output will suddenly jump slightly and then start to produce a sinewave on the scope. If this does not happen, shut the amp down and check things. If all is looking well at this stage, you should see a sinewave that is either "normal" looking or shows symetrical clipping. After adjusting the output level to just give symetrical clipping adjust the scope as needed to give a good view on the display you should be able to raise the AC input some to about 50 volts and see a clean sinewave again.

Check the offset voltage on the outputs. It should be under 50 mv. If you can not get a clean symetrical sinewave, power the amp down and start looking for things broken. Most often it is an overlooked resistor if all of the semi-conductors are good. If things are looking good, the next step is to raise the AC input more and again repeat the above checks for symetry of the signal.

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Pagine Home New Classic Disclaimer. What is stereo? Phase Linear Model Solid State Stereo Amplifier Model has gained an international reputation as the world's mos reliable and most accurate high powered amplifier. It puts out watts per channel which enables it to drive all the better bookshelf speakers as well as the most exotic loudspeakers available. It also rates better than any amplifier in its power range on a dollar per watt basis.

If you contemplating the purchase of high powered amplifier, you should audition the Phase Linear Circuit description. The Phase Linear amplifier consists of two direct coupled designed linear power amplifiers combined to form a single, dual channel unit capable of extremely high power output. The output stages employ twelve high current, high voltage, triple-diffused silicon output transistors arranged in a quasi-complimentary format and biased for class AB operation.

The output stages are driven by two stages of Darlington connected current amplifiers, which in turn are driven by a predriver voltage amplifying stage swinging the full supply voltage. The upper output transistors are driven into saturation by a constant current source and the lower transistors are driven by the predriver. Bias control is accomplished by a bias regulator consisting of two voltage reference diodes, a regulator transistor, and temperature compensating circuitry.

The low level stage consists of a differential pair which provides voltage gain and level shifting to accommodate the predriver requirements. The patanted protective circuits consist of four small analog to digital computers,each computer monitoring the operating conditions of four output transistors.

Output current,voltage, energy, time raate of current and voltage change, and common mode conduction are monitored continuously during amplifier operation. If the value any one, or the sum value of more than one or all of these quantities exceeds a safe stress level for the transistors, the computer instructs a "disconed circuit" to instantly shut down the amplifier.

Power: watts per channel min. Hum and Noise: at least dB below rated output. Not Specified 2 Items 2. Featured Refinements. Phase Linear Series Amplifier 6 Items 6. New 2 Items 2. Used 2 Items 2. For parts or not working 1 Items 1. Not Specified 3 Items 3. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup.

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Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. For parts or not working. Not Specified. Gallery View Customize. Not finding what you're looking for? Save phase linear to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

Postal code. Shop on eBay Opens in a new window or tab Brand New. Please tick the box below to get download link:. For this no need registration. Please take a look at the below related repair forum topics. May be help you to repair. If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair! You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! Instead, contact your nearest service center! Translate this page:. I'm looking for a service manual for the legendary Accuphase P or at least a good resolution readable schamatic.

I'd be really greatful if someone could share one! I tried to change the accuphase T

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