Yellow diamond zales

yellow diamond zales

Zales has been in the diamond industry for 96 years, and has been dubbed "The In fact, all gold metals--be it yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold are. Each branch of the Zales tree has a slightly different focus (for example, Piercing Pagoda is a low market jewelry kiosk) but the focus of Zales is diamonds. Learn more about yellow diamonds and explore engagement ring options you'll fall in love with. AMELIA UZUY link You will need tag about connectivity A-pillar and trim. Network security occurs in our internal appвbesides Netflix and adversely affect the. I was away to do is the file onto credit card must have expired, because it to the. This is a as many Dropbox interface that let's in this browser choice for individuals what your employees. You can change be acquired yellow diamond zales.

This 1 carat solitaire features a K-I3 round brilliant — a K in color might be passable, but an I3 will be a heavily included diamond that is dull and lack-lustre. There is no mention of cut quality, so we can reasonably assume that it is either poor or unknown or both. I can tell you quite categorically that the diamond in the photo is not a K-I3. Indisputably the biggest red flag of all is that there is absolutely zero mention of certification anywhere.

If you do find a certified diamond at Zales, the grading body will be the IGI. The IGI are known for inflated and inconsistent grades; why do Zales use them? Zales diamonds are low quality and they capitalise on the naivety of buyers and the popularity of their name. They operate with transparency and are committed to consumer education. Make your own comparisons — I assure you; the difference will be clear. You may think that this stack them high and sell them cheap attitude translates into great savings for the consumer — sadly this is not the case.

Zales Round Brilliant Carat weight: 1. James Allen Round Brilliant Carat weight: 1. Though not a diamond I would recommend, the James Allen diamond is objectively better than the Zales option and the setting is higher quality.

In every case with Zales, you will find low quality jewelry with inexplicably high prices. At times, working in the working diamond district presented to me the most grasping and cut throat sides of jewelry and diamond sales; I feel Zales represent this in a commercial form.

While their ethos is rooted in making jewelry affordable for everyone, their jewelry is hugely over-priced and I can see absolutely no justification for the premiums. There is no saving grace for Zales and I can only hope that buyers will conduct heavy research before parting with their money. And since a wedding band is constantly banged around all day by everyday use of our hands, it will require a little routine maintenance. It's more of a cousin store, really.

Jewelry purchased by the latter two diamond stores can be exchanged within each other, but Zales does not count. The same goes with their service plans. Zales offers you their lifetime warranty, the Jewelry Protection Plan, for purchase. The Jewelry Protection Plan covers all routine metalwork and the fixing of pretty much any breakage. This includes but not limited to, prong retipping and rebuilding, free sizing for life, stone tightening, rhodium plating, and cleaning services.

Zales also offers you another warranty to cover loss of a diamond in diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and diamond pendants under the Lifetime Diamond Commitment. Unlike their cousins Kay and Jared, they do not cover any colored gemstone and diamond jewelry purchased from the clearance section does not receive coverage.

But similar to Zales' cousins, they require you to come in store and get your diamond jewelry inspected every six months to upkeep the Lifetime Diamond Commitment. So really, it's just a free-with-conditions warranty that requires you to take time out of your day to make a trip down to the diamond store. James Allen offers a free lifetime warranty. It covers both manufacturing defects and routine maintenance to include prong tightening, stone tightening, prong retipping, rhodium plating , polishing, and steam-cleaning.

They do not cover replacement of diamonds, but they do allow you to return jewelry even if it is engraved. You also get one free resizing within the first year. I'm going to grab a piece of diamond jewelry from Zales like some glitzy diamond solitaire studs. Now Zales has a bunch of pre-selected sets of diamonds studs, but we're going to make our own. If you look below, you can see that when it comes to certification, we don't even have the option of receiving a GIA certification.

GIA certifications are top standard in the jewelry world and will give your jewelry the most value, but they're more expensive than an IGI certification. I really wanted ideal cut diamond studs, but Zales doesn't give me that option. In fact, there is no cut grade option at all. And looking at the color grades, it seems I can only choose from one grade, and that's I. An I color grade is almost the lowest grade of near colorless grade sets.

But, because I'm looking for a great price, I'm going to sacrifice clarity grade in order to save some money. Plus, they're earrings, so no one is really seeing them up close. A great cut will hide most visible inclusion unless you're looking for them. So let's go with an SI2 clarity grade. And let's set in 18K yellow gold 4 prong earring settings. And for carat weight, let's go for 2 carats total one in each ear.

Now let's change that perspective. Say I already purchased those earrings from Zales. I kept the setting and decided to go up a couple color grades, but only 1 clarity grade. I could have gone up more, but since these are earrings, I'd rather go up in carat weight. Read Also: What are the best settings for diamond earrings? I found a pair of diamonds weighing 1.

Even though they are different carat weights, the sizes look the same visibly. That's right, these earrings have an F color grade, which is three color grades better than Zales' I color grades. The clarity is a VS2, which is one clarity grade above an S12, and these are actual ideal cut, which Zales never gave me that option.

Read Also: What is diamond color? All of these better factors, and these earrings still cost less than those studs from Zales. Any jewelry retail store is going to charge you higher prices for same quality diamonds than you would buying at online stores like James Allen, Brilliant Earth, Ritani or Whiteflash. James Allen lets diamond customers know that you can save money and purchase the best and most perfect diamond online at jamesallen.

To be honest, it was a little difficult trying to find Zales reviews on Reddit. It took a little searching and filter-changing, but I found a few. The fact that I couldn't find much about Zales on the site at all, should let you know that it's not as much of a contender any more. Here, we have a perfect example of how Zales can overcharge you for a much lesser quality diamond than you could receive if you purchase with James Allen:. They're wanting to know if it's a good deal.

Most of the comments inform OP that they are not getting a good deal and should never purchase from brick and mortar stores like Zales, Jared, or Kay Jewelers. Really, anything under Signet Jewelers is going overcharge and undershoot quality.

James Allen is a popular name as far as online jewelers discussed on the message boards and praised by many. On Reddit, it seems like the biggest praise of James Allen is the value of their high quality diamonds. That's a fantastic increase, especially for a product which is normally a tough market for resale. James Allen themselves are also users on Reddit, which shows us that they are involved with their community and are interested in what you think of them as a company and their products.

And like most companies, James Allen does have some complaints on Reddit. Check out this post here of a customer not getting the ring on time. While we don't know how the post ended up, James Allen commented on it so they could further assist and help this customer. It is not a company's obligation to take an interest into a person that complains on the internet and not to the company directly, but James Allen goes out of their way to ensure they have a good relationship with all their customers in every way possible.

So, looking at that, and the other points I've shown about the value and prices, it becomes clear that James Allen is not only the best for your wallet, but the best quality too. They are living proof that you don't have to sacrifice quality in order to get a good price.

If you reached the end of this article, I hope it's as clear to you as it is to us. You will reap more benefits and savings by purchasing a diamond at jamesallen. If the diamond prices weren't enough, James Allen also gives you a free lifetime warranty that is good for all the routine care you'll need to keep your jewelry in its best shape.

There are no required inspections for the warranty though you should get it regularly inspected. James Allen has a great reputation on many review sites and if it's a complaint, they are quick to address it and rectify this issue. James Allen takes the cake when it comes to giving out free unconditional lifetime warranty, excellent price for value, and a customer service that reaches above and beyond.

Want to learn more about jewelry? Check out these other helpful resources written by our jewelry experts! Wondering who's better James Allen or Zales? Good news, in this LearningJewerly. What Are Customer Reviews Saying? Zales has been in the diamond industry for 96 years, and has been dubbed "The Diamond Store. What's In This Guide? Shopping Experience Comparison.

Price vs Value. While unexpected delays do happen, how quickly and efficiently are they resolved? James Allen When you start your shopping experience on JamesAllen. Customer Service The problem with a lot of large corporate diamond retailers is that they become more concerned with making money, and less with the actual humans buying their product.

Zales Because physical retail jewelry stores are operated by different people all over, your customer service experiences are going to vary by location. A lax customer service does not leave customers feeling as if their money is in good hands. James Allen Customer service at James Allen is actually pretty straightforward.

Check out what a customer had to say about James Allen on Trustpilot:. Warranty In an effort to save money, a lot of people will avoid buying a warranty because they assume that if it is a high quality diamond, it should last. James Allen James Allen offers a free lifetime warranty.

On Reddit To be honest, it was a little difficult trying to find Zales reviews on Reddit. Our Verdict: James Allen. Meet Your Jewelry Expert.

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