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dometic 310

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We Install Dometic 310 Toilet - Pros \u0026 Cons / TIps!

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The Dometic has a plastic seat whereas the Dometic is enameled wood. Dometic and the Dometic are easy to install. They have a 2-bolt installation system and easy access to the waterline. They are easy to clean and maintain. They are also scratch-free and highly durable.

We are focusing on the standard sized, white toilets as we felt they look more modern and they are more convenient. The design has the flush pedal on the right-hand side as you are facing it. It is 19 x 15 x 20 inches and weighs It measures 22 x It is, however, significantly heavier at 37 pounds.

The flush pedal is in the same position. It is elongated and also has a rim around the edge to prevent spills. Both of these Dometic toilets have a swirling jet cleaning system for a complete clean of the bowl with each flush. That being said, the flushes are different. This is a gravity flush. It does have low flush technology, so it only requires 1 pint 5 liters of water per flush. As we mentioned, both of the pedals are placed on the right-hand side when facing the toilet, but they do work differently.

If you only press the flush half-way down, you will add water. If you push the pedal all the way down, you will get a full flush. We like this feature as it saves water. It will very much depend on the materials. It is cheaper than the , and cheaper compared with other Dometic toilets, but it is still at the higher end of the price range. It comes with a two-year warranty. It also comes with a two-year warranty. The size and height are just right, and we felt that it was overall, more comfortable.

The wooden seat is also superior. Go with this model if you love to use an elongated bowl. Of course, you can go with the as well. The depth of its bowl is not that small. Any average size man might not find any differences using any of these toilets. The flush design is another way to differentiate between and Both models offer gravity-flush and foot pedals. You can add water as per need. The Dometic RV toilet comes with a rimless degrees vortex flush pattern design.

It is very effective and extremely easy to clean. You need to put less effort into maintaining hygiene here. However, it might not prevent splashing. On the other hand, the model features a pressurized full-rim flush. You can clean the bowl with one pint of water due to the pressurized function. Also, it is effective and prevents splashing.

However, keeping it clean is harder compared to In the Dometic vs comparisons, the weight and overall size should be a matter of concern. You might not want a large toilet in your RV to possess a huge area. Or maybe you want to feel comfortable with a large one. The focuses on this part and it takes less space in your RV compared to They might sacrifice comfort to make it more compatible with the RVs.

Weight is another considerable factor since we are dealing with RV toilets. The model weighs It might not be a big deal for some people but trust me, those 14 pounds create a difference. Along with the key differences, knowing the similarities will help you make a better decision.

Here are the similarities between these two models from Dometic. The bowl is the most significant part of a toilet. It has to be durable and well-built. Good news is, both the and models offer percent vitreous ceramic construction. You can expect a longer lifespan from both models due to the enamel coating. Also, it stays shiny, scratch-free, and long-lasting for a long time. Maintaining hygiene is important in toilets, especially when you are in an RV. A foot pedal can play a major role in ensuring hygiene.

The gravity-flush and foot pedal are offering you exactly that opportunity. You can use your foot to flush the bowl. It helps to maintain hygiene all the time. The seat height determines the seating comfort. If it is too high or too low, you might feel uncomfortable sitting on it. Also, not all heights are suitable for all people. That is why both the and models offer an inches standard height. You can even get a 14 inches low-profile seat in the model. Installation is simple in both models.

You can install them yourself with their two-bolt installation. It takes less than an hour to install the toilets in your RVs. Their easily accessible water connection line enables even easier installation. The sprayer is an effective tool to compensate for any lack of flushing. Both the and models come with an optional hand sprayer. You can use the sprayer to rinse and clean the toilet properly.

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Dometic 310 RV Toilet

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