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He also at some point gets a shock collar on his neck akin to the counterpart's crown. He also wears a green fur pelt draped around his waist and flows on the backside which had been made from the fur of an old friend in memory of him and blue wristbands. When joining the Frieza Force, he was given the latest model of a Frieza Force armor, and wears black boots with white borders and green-striped toes, purple form-fitting pants, and black armbands with white ridges.

Initially, he wore a black, long-sleeved, form-fitting shirt as he found the armor too restrictive. He was later given black chest armor with a green midsection and shoulder pads. The armor was later destroyed when he transformed into his Legendary Super Saiyan form.

He is my dad. This incarnation of Broly has a personality that is drastically different from his counterpart. While his counterpart displayed the typical Saiyan characteristics and was outright psychotic with a split personality disorder that would randomly turn him into a sadistic and maniacal killer, this Broly retained a more sane and honorable personality in comparison with the rest of his race due to his relatively less tragic background.

Due to his upbringing on an inhospitable planet living only with his father and no other sentient being, Broly is a quiet man with little social skills or manners, especially when he thanked Cheelai only if Paragus reminded him to do so. While his social skills aren't well-developed, Broly's intuition is quite acute. He's able to sense when someone is agitating a comrade and visibly reflects their anger, as seen when he defended Cheelai from a sleazy soldier and when Paragus's anger goes towards Vegeta, Broly's rage boiled over.

As noted by many, for all Broly's unprecedented talent for battle and sheer power, he is a peaceful man who doesn't desire to fight except for those he cares about or when his Saiyan blood is fully aroused. Rather, Broly is, by nature, very kind-hearted, sentimental, and quite friendly once his trust is earned, as he greatly values all companionships he experiences, traits considered extremely rare in Saiyans ; he also has a very formal speech pattern at times, as when Paragus tells him to thank Cheelai for some food, rather than giving a simple "Thanks", he responds "Thank you very much, I am grateful".

Broly was shown to be fiercely protective of Cheelai and Lemo, as shown when they were harassed by a Frieza Force soldier. He also is appreciative of others' kindness, giving Goku a warm smile after the fellow Saiyan promised to visit and often offered to teach him to fight, sparking both a soft rivalry and friendship, in sharp contrast to his counterpart, who has an intense pathological hatred of Goku.

As his father was the only companion he had for most of his life, Broly developed an "undying loyalty" and unconditional love towards his father despite the harsh training he put Broly through. Despite being pointed out by Cheelai and Lemo that his father probably only saw him as a weapon of revenge against King Vegeta , Broly nevertheless still cared deeply for Paragus and refused to speak ill about him; however, he does seem to have some limits when it comes to obeying his orders, as when a drunken Daigen flirted with Cheelai and shoved Lemo aside, Broly angrily confronts him while outright ignoring his father's order to stand down.

On a similar note, when Super Saiyan God Goku attempted to talk Broly down from fighting, it seemed like Broly was going to calm down, only for him to promptly punch Goku in the face after the latter ended up calling Paragus a bad guy owing to his being defensive towards his father's honor. This is a key difference between him and his counterpart, who indifferently bashed out his father 's left eye during one of his rampages, and was later shown to be laughing maniacally while crushing him to death.

DBZ Broly, by contrast, ended up losing any love for his father due to his growing insanity. At the same time, for all of Broly's genuine gentleness, similar to his counterpart, Broly has a vicious and animalistic side to him. As his emotions are directly connected to his power, when he exerts himself enough or is provoked, he enters a berserker state.

As Broly goes deeper into his power, his sanity starts to fray and he starts to have trouble comprehending instructions from his father while progressively becoming more violent. However, whereas his counterpart becomes an amoral and blood-lusting sadist, Broly becomes more of a feral beast with little rationality, although Broly does show some moments of brief arrogance and borderline sadistic pleasure.

When he reaches the initial Legendary Super Saiyan state due to the death of Paragus, his mindset boils down to "kill everything that moves". For instance, during his battle with Goku and Vegeta, when the two of them flew by Frieza and quickly zipped away, Broly forgot all about trying to kill the two Saiyans and instead began beating Frieza to death, despite the tyrant ostensibly being Broly's ally, then as soon as Frieza could no longer pose a challenge, targeted Whis, a mere spectator.

He became so mentally unstable that the only known way to non-fatally subdue him was to invoke the fear of death. It is suggested by Goku that Broly can control himself if he receives the proper training, presumably like his Universe 6 counterpart and fellow Legendary Saiyan Kale whom Goku had previously fought during the Tournament of Power before meeting Broly. Similar to his original counterpart, however, Broly did retain a small amount of rationality in his madness, since it is implied that he let Frieza live after beating him for an entire hour simply because the latter no longer had any fight left in him.

This is shown where, upon meeting Frieza for the first time, after Paragus pulls out the remote to explain how the collar reigns him in, Broly starts panicking, his eyes widen and he backs away a bit as he begins pulling on the collar in a desperate attempt to remove it. Although Broly tends to be very wild with his anger, being borderline animalistic when succumbing to rage, he is capable of expressing his rage in a more subdued manner. This is especially evident when Daigen was harassing Cheelai and Lemo even beating up the latter , causing Broly to quiver with evident rage and attempt to calmly reply to the soldier's question that he did indeed have a problem with the soldier abusing his friends.

Broly was born in age around the same time as Prince Vegeta IV with a power level of 10, It was also implied that Broly went Great Ape shortly after arriving on the planet due to catching a glimpse of its moon upon awakening from the landing. During his stay on the planet, he encountered a giant creature that he named Ba. Broly would constantly spar with Ba by dodging its attacks until he ended up befriending it through these constant interactions.

Unfortunately, Paragus saw this development as a damage and hindrance to Broly's growth and shot the beast, severing its ear in the process. This event made Ba leave and never trust Broly again. He would wear the severed ear as a green pelt similar to a sash to serve as a memento that he would always be together with Ba. Main article: Broly Saga. In an extra chapter of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga , he is briefly mentioned by Goku when both he and Vegeta explain to Merus and Jaco the whole situation regarding Broly and their battle against him during the Broly Saga recounting in a flashback that Broly was tougher than them in their Super Saiyan Blue states while Broly just in his initial Legendary Super Saiyan state.

In another flashback panel, Broly is also seen in his Legendary Super Saiyan form just when he is about to be annihilated by Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta's Full-Force Kamehameha only for Cheelai and Lemo to make a wish to Shenron to send him back to Vampa before he would've been finished off. Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

When a Vampa Beetle approached Paragus , Cheelai , and Lemo , Broly was called by his father to deal with it and did so swiftly. He and his father were then recruited to the Frieza Force and wore new clothing. Due to Cheelai and Lemo getting assaulted, Broly gets into a fight with Daigen before being subdued by Paragus via his collar.

Broly then went with Cheelai and Lemo to the living quarters to eat snacks and told them the story of his pelt. When Frieza's Spaceship landed on Earth , Broly exited the ship and was ordered by his father to attack Vegeta. They traded blows with Vegeta completely at ease in his winter jacket for a few moments, until feeling pressured enough to rip it off.

Broly and Vegeta's battle continued with Broly slowly growing to eclipse Vegeta's power in his base form. After a few minutes, however, Vegeta became annoyed at Broly's continually growing power and transformed into a Super Saiyan. Broly, shocked at Vegeta's new appearance, attacked again but was initially beaten back.

However, after a minute or two of battle, Broly gained enough power to keep up with Vegeta as a Super Saiyan. Vegeta then transformed again into a Super Saiyan God. This new level of power was enough to entirely overwhelm Broly, and eventually, Vegeta fired a large energy blast at him, intending to end his life. Scared, Broly struggles to maintain control of his dangerous Great Ape power, but an energy blast knocked Broly into the ocean, where instead of dying, his Great Ape power unleashed, entering his Wrath State , incidentally creating a giant maelstrom in the process.

Both Goku and Vegeta expressed their surprise at this sudden and dramatic increase in Broly's power and realized that the battle was going to be more challenging than they had initially thought. Broly then fired a Gigantic Breath blast directly at a surprised Goku , who barely dodged it.

The blast collided with the tops of several mountains, instantly obliterating the portions of the landscape where it struck and detonating high in the sky. Goku worriedly speculated on what might have happened if a blast that size had hit the ground and Vegeta, now genuinely concerned, charged Broly and punched him directly in the nose.

However, Broly took the attack without so much as blinking and retaliated to devastating effect. As the battle continued, Frieza delightedly asked Paragus how Broly's power had increased so drastically. In reply, Paragus speculated that Broly had somehow managed to tap into the power of his Great Ape form without transforming. However, he also noted that Broly would likely not be able to control himself and that he was now essentially berserk.

In the meantime, the newly empowered Broly had turned the tables on Vegeta and was now overwhelming the Saiyan Prince. Broly punched him through several mountains, and though Vegeta managed to avoid being visibly harmed, it was clear that his Super Saiyan God form was no match for Broly. As Broly prepared to increase his power yet again, Goku decided to engage him in Vegeta's place.

After a few initial exchanges and a Kamehameha Blaster from Goku, Broly punched Goku deep into a mountain and harried him out through the other side. Goku then transformed into a Super Saiyan and managed to shortly hold his own using certain tactics. Goku then quickly transformed into a Super Saiyan God and paralyzed Broly for long enough to try to talk some sense into him, as he had sensed that, despite apparently being allied with Frieza, Broly wasn't evil.

Initially, Goku's attempt at resolving the conflict peacefully appeared to have an effect. Unfortunately, Broly experienced another power surge and the calm that had been taking form in him was shattered, with Goku indirectly calling Paragus a bad guy not helping the situation. His ever-increasing power enabled him to reverse Goku's God Bind technique, paralyzing Goku, and reigniting the battle.

Goku managed to shake off the effects of the reversed God Bind but ended up taking a forceful punch from Broly before he could completely recover. Goku, barely able to withstand the attack, managed to grab Broly by the wrist, slammed him on the ground with enough force to cause an earthquake, then retreated momentarily to regain his composure. As the battle continued, Broly steadily continued to increase in power and, strangely for a Saiyan, began to grow in size as well. Though Goku ultimately managed to put up more of a fight than Vegeta had in his Super Saiyan God form, Broly remained in full control of the battle.

After growing significantly in size, Broly furiously attempted to stomp Goku into the ground, but Goku just barely managed to stay ahead of him and eventually got back on his feet. After a futile attempt by Goku to attack Broly with an energy sphere , Broly finally managed to get ahold of Goku, and began repeatedly slamming him against the ground before dragging him along the side of a glacier wall.

He then tossed Goku to the ground and seemed to temporarily lose his focus, which allowed Goku to catch his breath. Goku, visibly battered and having been at least superficially hurt, was then telepathically contacted by Piccolo as Broly raged about. Goku informed the inquisitive Namekian of the situation and asked him to stay where he was so that Goku could use him as a beacon for his Instant Transmission if things took a turn for the worse.

Goku then regained his feet and transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue form. This transformation finally allowed Goku to match Broly in power. After a short time trading punches, Broly attacked Goku with a Planet Crusher that was powerful enough that Goku couldn't deflect it, yet Goku emerged from the blast unharmed. As the battle wore on, Goku managed to marginally gain the upper hand, and Paragus despairingly commented that he did not think that Broly could win as things stood.

However, Frieza recalled the incident on Namek when he murdered Krillin and triggered Goku's initial Super Saiyan transformation. With the hope of triggering a similar response in Broly, Frieza turned to Paragus and fired a Death Beam through the old Saiyan's heart. Frieza then called out to Broly in feigned distress and concern and directed his attention to his father's lifeless body. The rage and grief of his father's passing had exactly Frieza's intended effect, and Broly underwent an exceedingly violent transformation into a rare variant of Super Saiyan.

Goku, now completely outclassed, fled from Broly with the berserk but incomplete Legendary Super Saiyan in hot pursuit. Vegeta, having observed Goku's plight, joined his compatriot and transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue form as well. However, even working together they were unable to so much as scratch Broly. Their last-ditch effort, a massive combined attack , was easily swatted away, and the two were ultimately forced to flee.

Hoping to distract Broly with a new target, Goku and Vegeta flew right past Frieza and zipped away. Upon seeing Frieza, Broly forgot all about his two opponents and instead began pummeling away at Frieza, apparently for no other reason then that Frieza happened to be closer at hand than Goku and Vegeta.

With Broly distracted, Goku and Vegeta took the opportunity to teleport away. After a few minutes of being smacked around, Frieza transformed into his Golden state and arrogantly re-engaged Broly. However, his Golden state proved no more effective than his base form, and Frieza ultimately wound up receiving a one-sided beating for around an hour.

Eventually, Frieza became too wounded and exhausted to fight any longer, and Broly immediately lost interest in him as a result. However, he then spotted Whis some distance away and immediately moved to attack him. Despite Broly's overwhelming power, Whis casually avoided all of Broly's attacks until Gogeta appeared and took over the battle.

Initially, Gogeta remained in his base form and deftly avoided a series of Broly's energy blasts. However, he quickly realized that he would need more power to go on the offensive, and transformed into a Super Saiyan. He then fired a Stardust Fall barrage at Broly, which battered him a bit but did no visible damage.

The two fought on, both relatively even in strength until Broly fired a Gigantic Omegastorm blast as Gogeta fired a Kamehameha. When the two energy waves collided, they shattered the fabric of reality, and the two combatants were transported to an odd multicolored landscape. After enduring a few more attacks, Broly incidentally powered up to his Full Power Legendary Super Saiyan form and retaliated. After being driven back for a short time and failing to launch an effective offense against Broly's new form, Gogeta decided to enter into his Super Saiyan Blue form.

The two exchanged seemingly equivalent attacks for a short time until another clash shattered the strange dimension and the two combatants ended up back on Earth. The two Saiyans re-engaged in combat, but Gogeta took the upper hand with a devastating kick to Broly's jaw. Though sent reeling back, Broly recovered and fired a Gigantic Catastrophe blast from his mouth. Gogeta avoided it with apparent ease and blasted Broly in the back with numerous energy spheres before finishing the barrage with a Stardust Breaker.

The assault battered Broly but he once again recovered, powered up even more, and reengaged. However, it was ultimately to no avail, as Gogeta managed to avoid all of Broly's wild and unfocused attacks while delivering numerous blows of his own. At last, Gogeta engulfed Broly in a tremendously destructive energy storm , causing a mushroom-cloud shaped explosion, after which Whis declared the fight all but over.

Gogeta then began charging a Limit Ultra Kamehameha to kill Broly. Broly, who had regained control over his body and some semblance of his sanity after being struck by Gogeta's massive energy blast, staggered backward in fear. Gogeta then unleashed the energy beam while Broly simply stared at it in terror, but just before the moment of impact, Cheelai asked Shenron to send Broly to the planet where he had grown up. Shenron's power immediately whisked Broly away, and Gogeta's blast continued harmlessly into space.

Shortly thereafter, Broly, terrified and disoriented, found himself back home on Planet Vampa, having reverted to his base form. Three days later, Broly was seen dragging a huge claw in his cave, where a starving Cheelai and Lemo waited. The two of them had fled to Broly's planet due both to having befriended him and because they needed someone to protect them from Frieza. Broly offered them some of the meat, and though Cheelai reluctantly ate some, Lemo found it inedible. Cheelai, however, commented that sooner or later he would undoubtedly have to change his mind, as the rations they had brought with them would not last long.

As the group ate, Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport to the cave entrance. Broly immediately sensed him and took a defensive posture while Cheelai yelled at Goku to leave but Goku, in his typical unflappable manner, simply commented that he had been told that the planet was "repugnant" and so had brought supplies for them. His first gift was a new shelter stocked with provisions, and after Cheelai and Lemo admired it for a time, Goku then gave the group a few Senzu Beans and explained their use.

When Cheelai, still suspicious, loudly inquired as to why Goku would help them, Goku explained that Broly was likely even stronger than Beerus , the 7th universe's God of Destruction , and as such would make an excellent training partner. Goku then prepared to leave and Lemo, having observed that Goku did not seem to have a space ship, asked him how he had gotten to Vampa.

Goku briefly explains his Instant Transmission technique, though Cheelai at least appeared not to understand any of the explanations. She reiterated that she still viewed Goku as an enemy, but Goku, not caring in the slightest, simply stated that he would like to come back and spar with Broly in the future.

Additionally, he offered to teach Broly how to control his incredible power. Broly seemed to appreciate the offer and smiled at his newfound friend in gratitude. As Goku prepared for his departure, Cheelai asked for his name, in response, Goku told her that his name was "Goku", but gave Broly in particular permission to call him "Kakarot" In the Japanese dub, Goku only said that his name is both "Goku" and "Kakarot".

Main article: Dragon Ball Legends. Cheelai spends her time looking for Broly, and when meeting Shallot for the first time, she attempts to defend Broly from the mistaken intentions she thought from Shallot. Broly is easily one of the most powerful mortal warriors in the multiverse, and one of the strongest in Universe 7.

He is a true natural prodigy in combat, born with the genetics of the Legendary Super Saiyan and having said transformation ability. He showed exceptionally immense potential since infancy as evidenced by King Vegeta during the latter's analysis of Broly's potential. His testing of each Saiyan attribute and latent capacities broke every known record, far surpassing even Prince Vegeta 's scores, thereby placing him in the same incubation chamber as the children of elite Saiyans. At birth, his power level was already at 10, and growing with each passing day, which was very high even for the exceptional standards of newborns from the royal family bloodline.

At the same time, it fluctuate wildly, his lowest power level was Because of this, King Vegeta , fearing the unstable nature of Broly's power and potential danger of it driving Broly insane one day, banished Broly so he wouldn't be a threat to both Planet Vegeta and the universe.

Although, as noted by Paragus, and not denied by King Vegeta, the king mainly did this because he was very insecure at the idea of a Saiyan who wasn't his kin having such natural power and potential growth that would ultimately outshine his bloodline, even his own prodigious son. By adulthood, his power level was unreadable by the most advanced scouters as it glitched out from attempting to and he was completely unfazed by the solid punches from one of Frieza's most powerful soldiers.

While having been aggressively trained by his father all his life, he initially lacks any actual combat skills beyond basic attacks and combat patterns due to his isolation and lack of powerful foes to fight against; thus he has a crude, straightforward fighting style, relying more on his sheer brute force through wild attacks, stomps, and grappling. However, when pressured by a strong enough foe, Broly's prodigious talent and Saiyan traits kick in. He instinctively adapts to his foe to quickly improve his fighting skills and battle tactics, replicating an enemy's technique , and even grows in raw power at an accelerated rate.

His Saiyan traits and raw power amazed even the likes of Frieza , who, after the events on Earth, went so far as to consider allying with Broly in the future against Goku and Vegeta despite hating Saiyans in general. He can generate ki blasts and beams without the need to use stances, firing them from his body or his mouth, making him more unpredictable and dangerous.

Broly goes on to be easily defeated by Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, not damaging the fused warrior at all. As an infant, Broly's power was unstable, fluctuation randomly from his emotions, yet still above Prince Vegeta IV. When sent to Vampa, the young child was able to slaughter countless inhabiting creatures once transforming into a Great Ape and likewise survived for days alone before being found by his father. The intensity of Broly's power transformed ultimately prompted Paragus to remove Broly's tail.

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