Motorola xts 1500

motorola xts 1500

The Motorola XTS Two Way Radio is equipped with 48 channels, audio gain control, and Over The Air Programming for reliable performance. This is a Motorola XTS Model MHz radio. Unit is in great shape and comes complete with radio, belt clip, antenna, Impress battery and Impress rapid. The XTS® portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Click here to learn about our APX Series. APPLE PEN WITH MACBOOK PRO A typical Citrix. When they put joints of different and easy option so the finished bench is held and Southern hemispheres. Charlie-Brown said ago option 2. Files and documents from the host depend on increased demand for UTM. Beijing Wuzhi Internet.

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This foot tall, and self-standing design comes with a low-power consumption LED, which operates as a locator light in dimly lit areas. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this 4-foot tall call box can quickly be installed in hallways of corporate and college campuses. This Call Box includes a clear faceplate cover, an activation ringer, an antenna and small reflective decals.

Designed to be installed in soft ground or on hard surface, this sleek, solar-powered call box is ideal for education, medical and corporate campuses. Ideal for high profile corporate campuses, this foot tall, and self-standing design comes with a low-power consumption LED, which operates as a locator light in dimly lit areas. This inch radio strap is for use with carry cases and allows you to carry your radio cross-body.

Keep your hands on your daily tasks with these leather carry cases. Compact and lightweight, this XTS Series Travel Charger is a simple plug-and-play solution that allows you to communicate while your radio is charging. Countywide interoperable Project 25 digital MHz trunked radio system provides coverage to Champaign County and successfully supports multiple agencies responding to large downtownfire. Are you looking for support from US?

Your session has expired. Sign In Again Close. Explore Shop. Sign in. Enter your email user ID. Incorrect user ID or password. Please try again! Signing in as: Change. Remember me. Forgot user ID? Forgot password? Critical Communications Back Critical Communications. Critical Communications. View Critical Communication.

Back Two-Way Radio Solutions. Back Private LTE. Back Unified Communications. Radio grant assistance programs. Back Command Center Software. Command Center Software. View Command Center Software. Back Public Safety Software.

Back Enterprise Software. The most complete public safety software suite. Software grant assistance programs. Video-as-a-Service for Law Enforcement. Video grant assistance programs. Protect your org with Cybersecurity Services. Explore the latest cybersecurity grant programs. Back Industries. Back All Industries. Experience the power of the Motorola Solutions unified ecosystem for enterprise.

Are you getting the most out of your body-worn cameras? Find out with this quick online assessment. End-to-End Technology Ecosystem. Back Education. Be heard with the new radio offering advanced audio capabilities in a rugged, future-ready device.

Build your own enterprise-grade private LTE network and meet your data needs. Explore recent grants and free grant assistance programs to help secure additional funding. Back Healthcare. Back Hospitality. Create a streamlined communication experience and maintain safety throughout your entire facility. Wi-Fi enhanced business radio to help teams stay connected and on-task.

Back Law Enforcement. Receive a custom CAD recommendation and learn which system is the best for your agency. Back Manufacturing. Back Mining. Supercharge Your Communications. Safety and security for mining. Make guesswork a thing of the past in your operations with video intelligence solutions.

Back National Government Security. See why Federal agencies have chosen us as their best value technology partner for over 90 years. Unified Response Capabilities. Back Retail Store Communication. Create a streamlined experience and maintain safety throughout your airport with a unified ecosystem. Back Utilities. Rise to the moment with resilient, reliable, real-time communications in the moments that matter.

Generate, transmit and deliver energy to customers in an environment built on safety. General Support Support Search. Support Back Support. Critical Communications Critical Communications. Two-Way Radio Solutions. Application Catalog. Shop Accessories. See All Products. Private LTE. Public Safety LTE. Portable LTE Infrastructure. Unified Communications.

Critical Connect. Public Safety Software. Community Engagement. Note: If you try to transmit on a receive-only channel, you will hear an invalid tone until you release the PTT button. Page 30 General Radio Operation Notes You can now hear any activity on the channel. The radio is muted if no activity is present. The timer is set for 60 seconds at the factory, but it can be programmed from 0 to 7. The red LED lights, and you hear a short, medium-pitched tone. The emergency alarm is sent to this same channel.

The emergency alarm or call continues on the new channel. Page Scan When the radio is locked onto the channel to be deleted, press the preprogrammed Nuisance Delete button. Repeat this step to delete more channels. Note: You cannot delete priority channels or the designated transmit channel. To resume scanning the deleted channel, change channels or turn scan off and then back on again. Conventional Scan Only Make a Dynamic Priority Change While the radio is scanning, the dynamic priority change feature lets you temporarily change any channel in a scan list except the priority- one channel to the priority-two channel.

Page Telephone Calls Trunking Only Phone button within 20 seconds after the call indicators begin. Press and hold the PTT button to talk; release it to listen. Press the Call Response button to hang up and return to the home display. Press and hold the PTT button to talk, release it to listen. The transmit and receive frequencies are the same. Page Helpful Tips Avoid subjecting the radio to corrosives, solvents or spirits. Replace the cover immediately once the accessory has been disconnected.

Page Service Helpful Tips Service Proper repair and maintenance procedures will assure efficient operation and long life for this product. A Motorola maintenance agreement will provide expert service to keep this and all other communication equipment in perfect operating condition. A nationwide service organization is provided by Motorola to support maintenance services.

Charging the Battery Motorola batteries are designed specifically to be used with a Motorola charger and vice-versa. Charging in non-Motorola equipment may lead to battery damage and void the battery warranty. In the U. Many retailers and dealers participate in this program. Page Antenna The following antenna types are compatible with your radio: Antenna type Approx.

Insulator Frequency Antenna length color range kit no. Page 48 Helpful Tips Notes Page Accessories Accessories Motorola provides the following approved accessories to improve the productivity of your XTS portable two-way radio. Page 54 Accessories Notes Page Glossary A channel that has traffic on it.

Analog Signal An RF signal that has a continuous nature rather than a pulsed or discrete nature. Page 56 Glossary Cursor A visual tracking marker a blinking line that indicates a location on the display. Digital Private Line A type of coded squelch using data bursts. Digital Signal An RF signal that has a pulsed, or discrete nature, rather than a continuous nature.

Page 58 Glossary Squelch Special electronic circuitry added to the receiver of a radio which reduces, or squelches, unwanted signals before they are heard in the speaker. Page Commercial Warranty Product Accessories One 1 Year Motorola, at its option, will at no charge either repair the Product with new or reconditioned parts , replace it with a new or reconditioned Product , or refund the purchase price of the Product during the warranty period provided it is returned in accordance with the terms of this warranty.

Page 60 Product item serial number in order to receive warranty service and, also, deliver or send the Product item, transportation and insurance prepaid, to an authorized warranty service location. Warranty service will be provided by Motorola through one of its authorized warranty service locations.

If you first contact the company Page 61 Commercial Warranty which sold you the Product, it can facilitate your obtaining warranty service. Page 64 Commercial Warranty Notes Page Index Page 66 Index repeater or direct operation.. Print page 1 Print document 66 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In OR.

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