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But this is by no means a bad album from a band which anno is still touring and having fun. This is a good debut album and recommended. Having achieved a limited but creditable amount of local success in the 's, Stackridge called it a day in Almost exactly 20 years later, a quorum of the members agreed to give it another go, and to date three further albums of original material have been released.

The line up which recorded the album boast no fewer than four of the six people considered to form the band's classic line up, with just violinist Mike Evans and drummer Billy Bent being absent. Guest musicians, whose participation in the band varies from the transitory to full member in all but name, fill the absentees roles as well as providing further diversity of available instruments.

The album consists of just nine tracks, all but one of which is written or co-written by Andy Davis, with the rest of the band plus guest Glenn Tommey receiving credits on selected tracks. By and large it is fair to say that the prog nuances with which the band dabbled all those years ago are largely forgotten here, in favour of the lighter and more whimsical side of the band which has always co-existed with those nuances.

There is therefore a reliance on catchy hooks and strong melodies, and as usual Stackridge deliver with aplomb on that score. The opening "Boots And Shoes" bears the familiar Beatles influences and Korgis a Stackridge offshoot style pop rock, the song being an obvious candidate for single release.

The song has echoes of the Strawbs "Part of the union" in melody and style. The violin solo within the song is similar to that which features on latter day Fairport Convention albums. Grande" was released as a free download for Christmas , the song being a letter from the front type old time Christmas song. The slightly weightier material on the album begins with the 7 minute "Long dark river", a song with an American folk rock twinge; a sort of Beach Boys meets Crosby Stills and Nash.

There is also once again a fair bit of Korgis in the song although interestingly this is the only song Davis was not involved in writing, Jim "Crun" Walter getting the sole credit. The track boast a good lead guitar break to finish things off. The song has an infectious melody, with dreamy overtones and some good harmonies. While there is something of a nod to prog here, especially in the superb flute and violin contributions, the track appears to be more of a medley of ideas than an extended composition as such.

That is not intended to be said in criticism though, and as a whole the track is probably the high point of the album. Overall, another fine album in the Stackridge discography. Being honest, there is little if any genuine prog here, but this is more than compensated for by the strong melodies and tight performances throughout.

Since the release of this album, vocalist Mutter Slater has once again left the band amicably. It appears though that the other members remain committed to Stackridge as a going concern. And what a great debut this is. Well,even these short accesible tunes are well-played with rich instrumentation and good multi- vocals,blended nicely with folsky violins,tracks which even THE BEATLES would be proud of creating.

A real treasure. Stackridge's debut is more than simply a great album. Even the easy-listening side of the band contains an unbielevable professionalism and an unmet personality,not to refer the absolutely fantastic performance of their progressive nature,marking this effort one of the most significant and impressive debut's in UK's prog history.

Highly recommended,whether you are a fan of British Folk Music or not. Stackridge is a quintessential English band whose music is very hard to categorize. Their debut album is a variegated and highly inventive blend of folk, rock and Classical music, and is full of absurdity and quirky humour. This is a fun album. Instrumentally, it is dominated by flute, violin and acoustic guitar.

Lyrically, it is filled with colourful characters and fantastical narratives; the band's two lyricists, Andy Creswell-Davis and James Warren, had intended to write a children's book around 6 of the album's songs though this idea never saw the light of day.

However at least Stackridge's albums are now widely available on cd, so we can be thankful as these are truly charming works. The entire album is good but it's the album's longer tracks that are probably of most interest to prog fans. However the undoubted centrepiece of the album is the epic SLARK, a minute fairytale about a lad being carried off by the dragon of the title. Stackridge is an eccentric, eclectic, slightly camp musical extravaganza. It's very English and it's very good.

First review of this beautiful album would also be the first of my Stackridge Voyage. Year , band's so far latest, for me the best one. After dark period of Anekdoten and then seeing certain post in a forum, I've decided that I want something more cheerful. Something to help me and hopefully also others to fight with fears, with grief and with demons that haunts us. Or does they not? Depends on who's reading this review right now. Beautiful melodic funny prog, done in very special British way.

Even I mostly don't can't pay attention to lyrics, here I can easily understand them, as the language is clear and as I said, funny. Even you simply can't expect some of words in lyrics that appears, because often, this album Monty Python someone?

Also partially on mockery of what seems to me like traditional things. In this case, it's less prog and more lyrical oriented, but it's not their fault. And I'll not consider it as big fault, because there can be found good things to justify high rating.

Will it be high? Should it be high? Hell yeah, because this album has energy. Energy through calmness to hit you from behind your brain. To kick you also from behind , but relatively lower, little bit down from the center of your body think two globes. Its power to make you smile and be in happy mood can be handful at times. Take this review as part review, part public PM. Based mostly on my sparse knowing of Rob W.

My condolences Robert, in memory of your grandfather. Rest in peace. And remember, there are people, who will feel with you. Not just me. Gone is the charming ditties and instead we are served a delicate menu of well crafted tunes. For me, a lost nothern hobo from one of the land of the rising sun norrsken , this is an amalgam of joyus playing and well crafted arrangements.

Hard to pick any favorites. Take it or leave it! Stackridge have often been tagged as a west country as in U. Beatles as much of the melodic invention of the Fabs ca. But with sawing violins and twittering flutes also in the mix, they also get lumped under the prog folk tag as they are here at PA.

Perhaps the more ambiguous prog-related is more appropo for Stackridge. Whoopee -. Brian Ingersent Just got the CD for my 70th birthday - even tho' I have virtually all the tracks anyway, it was great to find Overture starting things off - always loved it when this was done at live gigs - there is one segment I don't instantly recognise however but … See more. View 3 more comments.

Although we all miss Stackridge live just look at some of the treats in store this autumn! Bristol on November 13th. View 2 more comments. Fifty years ago today, and Stackridge are in Warwick in the middle of a 15 date tour with Wishbone Ash and Glencoe. Albans supporting Wishbone Ash. This is exciting. Everything Is Music. Everything Is Music is now live and free to use. Use this link … See more. Some pics I have never seen before at Reading Fest. Some pictures I took of the boys back in at Reading Festival, what a weekend that was.

Des Knox I was there. View 1 more comment. I don't believe I have ever posted this video from the last night of the Final Bow tour at Bristol Hope you enjoy. Steve Mcminn Excellent! I always thought this would make a great film score.

Dave Buckley Certainly. Except Victory For Common Sense of course! And a couple of more marginal ones View 8 more comments. Stackridge updated their business hours. Shop Now. And corrected the Web Site address. Stackridge updated their website address. Learn More. The Korgis. Even though James was a founding member of Stackridge there was a period where he wasn't a member. These are the albums that James does appear on!

View 5 more comments. Another of Jim Driver's videos.

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