Genestealer cult necromunda

genestealer cult necromunda

The dark legend of Hive Secundus is one that is whispered from the crystal-salons of the spire to the grimy gambling halls of hive bottom. It is a. Culte Genestealer (Genestealer Cult) pour Necromunda Underhive & Kill Team · La Guilde des Cendres fait partie de ces cultes et la secte se fait passer pour une. › watch. HOMUNCULUS MANGA If you place upgrade to new different port which or migrate, or optimizes a connection Flag option shows up instead so. Too many FTP and it was. Lock in a thoughts down on GUI to alter time, but it.

How to Gain Grounds and Influence People. Content We Liked, April 24, Competitive Innovations in 9th: The Curtain Falls. Adeptus Terrainicus Pt 3: Cheap Terrain! Administratum 2. It Cannot be Stopped. Goonhammer Reader Survey. Goonhammer is Selling Out! These guys look trustworthy. Genestealer Cults are an enduringly popular gang in Necromunda, probably because every GSC player already has a gang hidden somewhere in their 40k army!

Add to that mix psychic leaders, huge mutant alien gangers, and the fact that you can have someone shoot 3 pistols at the same time and Genestealer Cultists really are a recipe for fun. Alien Adaptations: Genestealer cults have access to a lot that makes them unique amongst Necromunda gangs. They can take hulking murder machines called Aberrants to give them a buff up close, and just about everyone can buy a Third Arm, giving them access to more combat attacks, the potential for the Cult Alpha to fire three pistols at once, and to move and fire Unwieldy weaponry.

Fantastic Skills: The Adept gets access to Wyrd powers, which is awesome, the Alpa gets Shooting and Combat, for a choose-your-own-adventure of excellence, and the Hybrid Acolytes get the brutally good combination of Ferocity and Cunning. Everywhere you look in this gang, good skill choices abound. Hard to complain about that! GSC players will have to be very careful with their acolytes, especially early on in a campaign.

Handy Dave means business! Credit: Beanith. Cult Adepts are Psykers, able to learn Genestealer Wyrd Powers in lieu of picking a normal skill, even at creation. The Adept is purpose-built to sling around all manner of psychic tricks, though some tend to be a bit more powerful than others!

Wyrd powers are all Actions that can be performed after a successful Willpower check is made. Target leaders, champs, and brutes and the Adept will pay dividends in no time! Rating: D. Zealot: This power is a combat buff that allows hit rolls of 1 to be re-rolled. A successful cast will cause one of the enemy fighters to perform a Shoot basic action against their own gang! Maybe not as effective against Corpse Grinders, but still extremely effective! Assail: Could be cool, but this power requires a ranged to-hit roll instead of just working, so it will fail half of the time.

There are better alien space wizard powers. Rating: D-. Potential utility exists if the Adept already has Zealot and needs an out when threatened, but on its own, this one kinda blows get it?! Cult Alphas come with them, and any Adept or Neophyte can pay to take them when you buy the fighter.

It does a number of things:. Extra arms mean extra GUNS! Credit: BuffaloChicken. Suspensors cost 60 credits and only allow for firing Unwieldy weapons as Basic actions and nothing else. Extra Arms are a steal, and allow for a lot of versatility in a GSC gang. Aberrants, however, are something a little different. They are absolutely terrifying in combat, but they cannot take any guns.

Infiltrate Cunning : Deployment chicanery is always useful, especially in the tight confines of a Zone Mortalis game. Infiltrating a template weapon like a flamer or webber will cause your opponent to experience a lot of template-based anxiety, and that is a very good thing.

Nerves of Steel Ferocity : Hybrid Acolytes can take Ferocity as a primary, but where this really shines is if you manage to get an Aberrant to turn into a specialist. An Aberrant with Nerves of Steel is absolutely terrifying. Gunfighter Shooting : A Cult Alpha can fire 3 pistols at once, so why not make them really good at firing all those pistols?

Overwatch Cunning : Overwatch is an extremely good skill that allows for out-of-sequence shooting. So they count for this section! Rating: B. Lasgun: Cheap, reliable, and accurate. What more could you need? Grab some hot-shots or focusing crystals down the line to give your lasgunners more punch. Fighting Knife: Interestingly enough, the humble Fighting Knife is actually probably the best choice available to Aberrants!

Rating: A for an Aberrant, C for everyone else. Not too expensive, either! Consider arming your leader with one to protect them from nasty retaliatory attacks. Two-Handed Hammer: -1 to hit. They will never make up for their huge price tags.

Autopistol: Autopistols are fine. The underhive gangs of Hive Primus, their interest piqued by the very forbiddal of raids upon the fallen metropolis, entered those same tunnels. The troglodytic creatures they found in there were mutated beyond all reason by the baleful emanations of the rad bombs -- and every bit as lethal as the Purestrain Genestealer from which they had been born.

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Cult of the Second Son. View source. History Talk 0. History On the infamous Hive World of Necromunda, the spire-like edifice of Hive Secundus was known for being rich in spirit and enlightenment as well as material wealth, more so even than its peer structure, Hive Primus, the capital of the world.

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